How Theo plans to celebrate Cubs tenure with fans post-pandemic


A few weeks ago, Jon Lester generously bought $47,000 worth of beer for Chicagoans as a way to say thanks in wake of his free agency and potential departure from the Cubs.

Team president Theo Epstein announced Tuesday he's stepping down from his position and leaving the organization after nine years, which begs the question: Will Epstein replicate Lester's move?

If you see him at a bar — when it's safe to gather again due to COVID-19 the answer is yes, with a fun catch.

"...As we’re through [the pandemic], every time a Cubs fan bumps into me at a bar, I’m buying from here forward — until [incoming team president Jed Hoyer] wins a World Series. Then it’s on him."

Epstein said now that he's no longer affiliated with the Cubs, he can "enjoy the full bleacher bum experience." You have to imagine this will include hopping around Wrigleyville's plethora of bars after a matinee home game.

So if you see Epstein at Cubby Bear, Sluggers, Nisei Lounge or any local watering hole down the line, make sure to cash in on his offer.

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