Cutler gets a do-over?


Cutler gets a do-over?

By Danny Moran

Jay Cutler's California redwood-like stiffness during his rendition of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" last Saturday had many fans longing for the days of a dazed and confused Ozzy Osbourne and flustered, screaming Mike Ditka.

But everyone deserves a second chance and the man eagerly hoping to give Cutler that chance is the most famous move-buster of all-time: Young MC.

Young MC, whose 1989 song "Bust a Move" was a Billboard Top 10 hit, will be a headliner at Merchant Street MusicFest, a two day festival in downtown Kankakee that starts on July 28. That is three days after the Bears begin training camp in nearby Bourbonnais and the rapper is hoping that his proximity to the Bears will allow Cutler a do-over.

Young MC tweeted Wednesday:
Thinking Bears Jay Cutler and I could laydown a better "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" than at Wrigley jaygetsadoover @KankakeeMSMF Young MC (@officialyoungmc) July 18, 2012
There has been no response from Cutler but Kankakee Mayor Nina Epstein has apparently promised the Bears quarterback a police escort if he appears at the event.

So far, Young MC has only extended his do-over invitation to Cutler. If that offer went out to every sub-par seventh inning stretch performer, they would need a longer festival.

Under Center Podcast: What will we learn about the Bears against the Patriots?

Under Center Podcast: What will we learn about the Bears against the Patriots?

On this week's Under Center podcast, JJ Stankevitz and John “Moon” Mullin look at how Bill Belichick and New England will attack Matt Nagy and the Bears on Sunday, and if Mitch Trubisky can get to the point where he can reliably lead a late-game scoring drive like Tom Brady is so good at doing.

You can listen to the whole thing here, or in the embedded player below: 


Kris Dunn thinks Zach LaVine could be 'a good defender in this league'

Kris Dunn thinks Zach LaVine could be 'a good defender in this league'

We all know what Zach LaVine is capable of doing on the offensive side of things. But what about his defense?

It's no secret that LaVine has had his fair share of struggles on defense, but Kris Dunn thinks highly of his 23-year-old teammate and what his potential is at the other end.

"On the defensive end I just told him, 'You're as fast as me. You're more athletic than me. There's no way you shouldn't be a good defender in this league. You could be one of those guys who could be dynamic in the passing lanes because you're so athletic and fast.'" Dunn said of LaVine. "And personally, I like to score. If you get in a passing lane, that's a dunk for yourself and because you've got so much bounce that's when you get the crowd on their feet — maybe do a windmill, a 360, something.

"But I think he's been going a good job on the defensive end. It's not going to be easy. We all got to learn and I think we're all trying."

Improving his defense would obviously be a big step forward for LaVine (and the Bulls), and he knows it. 

“I think I had a lot better focus on the defensive end,” LaVine said when assessing his preseason. “I had some mistakes too, but I wanted to go out there and just really hone in on being more focused down there. I felt like I did OK with that. Still some areas I want to get better at, definitely off-the-ball I think I did a lot better than I had before.’’

LaVine and the Bulls travel to Philadelphia to face the 76ers on Thursday night in their season opener. You can watch Bulls Pre- and Postgame Live on NBC Sports Chicago before and after the game for highlights and analysis.