Evaluating the Bears' draft grades


As soon as every selection is made in a draft, its analyzed: according to the player, according to the need, according to the scheme, according to whatever there is to according to.

The trouble with critiques, however, is that they are based on projection in these cases, not real fact. You have the college performance database but now are valuing the same player in an entirely different level of his game.

Sort of like rating college recruiting classes. High school players will develop but not all at the same rate or to the same ultimate level as others. So there is a time factor; NFL teams dont grade players on freshman-year play, but draft grades actually are assigning a value to a player before his freshman NFL season.

Nevertheless, its always amusing (and sometimes bemusing) to see how Bears drafts are graded:

NBC Sports Rotoworlds Evan Silva rates the first Phil Emery draft a "B" based largely on the first four picks, particularly wide receiver Alshon Jeffrey at No. 2. "Only time will tell but this looks like GM Phil Emerys first win," Evan concludes.

Longtime Platteville chum John Czarnecki over at FOXSports isnt so sure about the win thing. Czar likes the key top four picks generally but drops the overall to a C- because they didnt address their offensive line needs.

The offensive-line thing bothers Mel Kiper out at, and NFCNorther Kevin Seifert comes in with a C with Mels comment cited: Im really surprised they had six picks and didnt get a single offensive lineman.


The View from the Moon doesnt remotely subscribe to the OL hand-wringing, so exception taken with Mel and Czar on that one.

And on the Bears draft grade? Easy. I am solidly with colleague Mike Florio over at, who awarded the same grade to every team.