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Torri Stuckey: Moving from suicide note to self-help books
Torri Stuckey reads the suicide note that he wrote to his mother when he was dropped on the Northwestern Football Team depth chart. Little did he know, while he struggled with what was happening on the...
Andrew Joy: Off the ice is just as important as on it
Blackhawks Mental Skills Coach Andrew Joy talks about helping professional hockey players with mental challenges, both on and off the ice.
Gail Grabczynski: 'Therapy's not a luxury, it's a necessity'
Dr. Gail Grabczynski, the lead mental health clinician for the Bears from 2005-2016, talks about the importance of dealing with the ebbs and flows of mental health.
Brandon Marshall's green cleats for mental health awareness
We look back at former Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall wearing lime green shoes to raise awareness about mental health.
Gh Fitlab: 'The brain is sad without physical movements'
As part of NBC Sports' Headstrong initiative, here is a look into the work being done at Gh Fitlab, which is helping former athletes recover from debilitating injuries.
Using IVs to combat depression
As part of Mike Adamle's treatment for suffering from CTE, he receives IVs that help him have more energy and even help heal his brain.
Jose Torres: 'Mental health a big part of success & failure'
Professional MMA fighter Jose Torres talks about the importance of balancing his mental health with his career.
Lance Briggs: Living in fear of CTE
Former Bears linebacker Lance Briggs talks about how mental toughness is key to professional football, but how players are starting to learn about the dangerous of CTE and concussions.
Mike and Kim Adamle: Living with symptoms of CTE
As part of NBC Sports' Headstrong initiative, former NFL player Mike Adamle and his wife Kim talk about how they are living with his CTE symptoms and trying to spread the message of the dangers of CTE and...
Headstrong special event at Northwestern Memorial Hospital
NBC Sports Chicago held its informative and moving HeadStrong activation event on Monday, November 4 at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in downtown Chicago which featured insights from medical experts...
Headstrong: A discussion about Mental Health and Sports
On November 4th, Northwestern Memorial Hospital...
TRAILER: Headstrong - Mental Health and Sports
Headstrong: Mental Health and Sports explores the factors that have led to an increase in mental health-related issues, as well as prevention, education, and impact. To watch the extended trailer...