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Jay Cutler is making moves on his butcher shop idea

Jay Cutler is making moves on his butcher shop idea

Although the Season 2 finale of "Very Cavallari" aired on Sunday night, we may already have one big Jay Cutler storyline for Season 3.

In last week's episode, Cutler mentioned to Kristin Cavallari — the show's namesake and his wife — that he wants to open a butcher shop. The former Bears quarterback has been searching for something to do in football retirement, a common sight in Season 2 of the show. This week, he may have taken a step forward in that search.

Cutler and Cavallari visited an office space that could become "Cuts," a hypothetical name that Cavallari thought of for the butcher shop. She seemed thrilled at Cutler making moves towards the butcher shop becoming a reality. 

“The first time we had a conversation about the butcher shop was actually years ago," Cavallari said. "It is surprising to me that he’s actually doing something about it. He’s putting in the effort to make it happen. So all of this stuff is a very good sign that he actually wants to do something.” 

This episode also revealed that Cutler's chicken-hatching completion percentage is not as high as one might hope.

"Jay was trying to hatch 20-something chickens, I think, and we only got four. But we also have a bunch of baby ducks," Cavallari said. "I don't know what the long-term game plan is here with the ducks. I do know that the ducks are my favorite to this day."

"Ducks are much cooler," Cutler said.

That they are, Jay. That they are. Come Season 3, we'll be on the lookout for a plethora of ducks (and maybe some chickens) along with Cuts to be further in its development.

Watch the best moments of the season finale of "Very Cavallari" here or in the video above

Jay Cutler has an unexpected idea for his post-retirement career

Jay Cutler has an unexpected idea for his post-retirement career

For the two season run of "Very Cavallari,” one of the consistent threads throughout the show is what is Jay Cutler going to do with his time now that his football career is over?

Apparently, become a reality TV show star is on the list, although Cutler doesn’t seem to truly embrace his role. Cutler is the only main character on the show that doesn’t do the traditional interview confessionals.

On the penultimate episode of the show’s second season, Cutler and Kristin Cavallari sat down for a dinner in Mexico. Cutler mentioned he wants to start his own butcher shop. Cavallari, playing the role of encouraging wife who wants her husband to maybe occasionally leave the house, said that could be really cool.

“No, I’m doing it so it’s going to be cool,” Cutler said with his usual confidence.

Cavallari also then jokingly refers to the hypothetical butcher shop as Cuts. Not a bad name idea if you like puns.

This was also the episode where Cutler sucking somewhere other than the football field was discussed. (Sorry, we love you Cutty, but that joke was too easy).

Watch the video above to see more of the dinner conversation, plus Cutler giving the waiter side eye after he called his wife Miss Cavallari and also Cutler on a zipline.

'Gentle Jay' makes an appearance in this week's 'Very Cavallari'

'Gentle Jay' makes an appearance in this week's 'Very Cavallari'

“Very Cavallari" continues to show the different sides to Jay Cutler.

On the latest episode, we see the "gentle Jay” as he and his wife Kristin work through marital issues. They discuss their difficulty seeing eye-to-eye as they each adjust to Kristin’s busy schedule.

While on a boat ride, Kristin recallas Jay feeling that she hadn’t made enough time for him amid her packed schedule. Cavallari compares their current situation to their relationship when Jay was in the NFL.

Jay states, “When I was playing football, you didn’t pressure me.”

Kristin reminds Jay that she “gave up her whole life” for Jay during his time in the league. Cavallari says, “It just was what it was and I was at every game and I supported you and I did everything that I was supposed to do as I wife. And I feel like since I’ve gotten really busy, I don’t feel that same support from you.”

Cutler agrees that he and Kristin “completely” switching roles in terms of schedule has changed things, and that he needs to do a better job of being supportive as Cavallari continues her career.

“I have to do a better job.....I can do that.”

This was the rare episode where we saw almost nothing but serious Jay, a far cry from his duck call in last week’s episode.

On top of helping Kristin enjoy their relaxation time, Jay--in classic Jay fashion--did a great job of playing “the devil on Kristin’s shoulder”, encouraging a little mischief with statements like “good things happen with a drunk Kristin.” This week's episode showed us something we may have already known, but is now confirmed. When it comes to settling in and having a good time, Jay is definitely someone you want on your team.

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