2017 NFL Draft Profile: LSU RB Leonard Fournette

2017 NFL Draft Profile: LSU RB Leonard Fournette

As part of our coverage leading up to the 2017 NFL Draft we will provide profiles of more than 100 prospects, including a scouting report and video interviews with each player.

Leonard Fournette, RB, LSU

6'0" | 240 lbs.

2016 stats:

129 attempts, 843 yards, 8 touchdowns (7 games)


First round

Scouting Report:

"High-end talent with rare blend of size, speed and power. Comparisons to Adrian Peterson feel lofty, but from a physical standpoint, he's there. Fournette doesn't have the wiggle to make defenders miss and his vision can be iffy. However, if your run fits and tackling aren't sound, he can take it the distance in an instant. May have durability concerns due to physical running style, but has All-Pro potential." - Lance Zierlein,

Video analysis provided by Rotoworld and NBC Sports NFL Draft expert Josh Norris.

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Bears confident Ted Ginn still has speed to burn at 35 years old

Bears confident Ted Ginn still has speed to burn at 35 years old

Bears wide receiver Ted Ginn has always been known for one thing: Speed.

Even at 35 years old, Ginn is considered one of the NFL's most dangerous vertical threats. He's been that guy since the Dolphins selected him in the first round of the 2007 NFL Draft, and while he hasn't been the most productive receiver from a catches and yards standpoint, he's entering his 14th season in the league for a reason. Speed matters on offense, even if it's just to serve as a decoy.

"You know he's still a 4.3 and he's still got it and so that's that fear factor that he still has and we're glad to have it," Bears wide receivers coach Mike Furrey said last week. "And when he lines up DBs are going to be scared to death that he's going to take the top off on them but I think you can add his route running into that, that he's a very veteran route-runner."

The Bears could use Ginn's speed after cutting ties with Taylor Gabriel earlier this offseason. Aside from Allen Robinson, Chicago's wide receiver room is full of what-ifs and maybes. Anthony Miller might evolve into an exceptional playmaker this season, or he could continue his pattern of inconsistent and frustrating play. Riley Ridley and Javon Wims are bigger and more physical catch-point guys. Darnell Mooney is a speedy rookie who has to beat the odds stacked against a sub-180-pound wideout.

So that leaves Ginn, who at the very least will force cornerbacks and safeties to pay attention to him on third-level routes. As a result, he'll open the second level for players like Robinson and tight ends Jimmy Graham and Cole Kmet to make plays in the intermediate passing game.

Don't expect Ginn to light up the box score in 2020, but he could help Chicago light up the scoreboard on offense.



Bears' Akiem Hicks loves tweeting quotes from 2000's smash hit 'Gladiator'

Bears' Akiem Hicks loves tweeting quotes from 2000's smash hit 'Gladiator'

So Akiem Hicks tweeted this earlier on Tuesday:

You're right – that is a quote from 2000's Oscar-winning movie Gladiator, directed by Ridley Scott, scored by Hans Zimmer, and starring a young Russell Crowe. Who's Hicks talking about?! Is it Aaron Rodgers?! IS IT JORDAN LOVE?! It's also entirely possible that Hicks is just watching Gladiator, considering that Gladiator is, quite literally, never not on television. I will bet you five dollars that if you turn your T.V. on right now, Maximus Decimus Meridius is telling his generals to hold the line against the last warrior tribe standing in the way of the Roman Empire's conquest of Germania. 

Akiem Hicks clearly loves Gladiator as much as your friend's Dad, and from the looks of it, probably more. Case in point: the Bears star has been tweeting famous lines from the movie for like, quite a while now: 

There are so, so, so many terrible shticks on Twitter. I'd even argue that 99% of them are bad. But this – this is not a bad schtick. I am fired up just from reading Akiem Hicks' tweets about the movie Gladiator. Don't ever stop, Akiem. Because without these tweets, we mortals are just shadows and dust. Shadows and dust.