Let me tell you something!

Let me tell you something!

By Frankie O

Now that weve entered the supposed sports void, things should slow down, right? The best thing the NFL has done for us is to have moved the Pro Bowl to the week before the Super Bowl. Nothing adds to the depression of no more NFL than having to watch that garbage. Now at least we have big game closure. But besides enjoying this winter without winter weather, my sports sickness has not missed a beat. Most of that is due to the early demise of the Eagles and Bears seasons. Since I was able to emotionally check-out several months ago, it was only a matter of time until I dove into something else. Helping matters is the fact that due to the varied clientele at the bar Im always getting asked questions. Just when I think Im out.

The number one discussion at the bar is about the Peyton Manning saga. He hijacked the Super Bowl and doesnt appear to be going anywhere soon. Literally. My answer as to what will happen and where he will end up is always the same. Im no doctor, Im a bartender, so the medical side is beyond me, but when I hear neck surgery (3-times!!) and degenerative nerve damage, dont know about you, but I see HUGE red flags. DUH! So why does everyone think he will come back? What, if any, physical progress has he shown to warrant such optimism? I for one dont think it will be for the 2012 season. Not to mention hell be 36 coming off of three surgeries. Who wants to invest in that? Hes got a ton of dough and can make even more on TV. Besides which, there arent 330 pound behemoths trying to rip his head off on the tube. If he still thinks he canwants to come back, the best bet will be for 2013. But much like his 1st Super Bowl win brother in arms, Brett Favre, we will have to deal with updates until that happens. Ugh. At least, for now, Im still in the fascination stage, although Im sure thats not far from wearing off. For all of our sakes, I just hope he doesnt fill his down time serial texting, like you know who.

Here in Chicago, in the bars, the favorite sport is bemoaning what we have versus bemoaning what were going to have.

As far as what we have, its the Bulls and Blackhawks. The Bulls conversation centers on the madman at the helm and a talent deficiency against their nemesis in the east. The Hawks are another story altogether.

A lot of people are questioning the fact that Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau likes to ride the whip. Like in Luol Dengs first game back from his wrist injury, when he played 41 minutes. And especially in monitoring Derrick Roses minutes while dealing with injuries, substandard competition and, of course, their hellish, David Stern induced, 3 out of 4 nights, schedule. To some, Thibs appears reckless. But I remember, when asking the Tribs ample-headed beat reporter, K.C. Johnson, about this very thing on CTL before the season started, his response was, Hes not an idiot! And I agree. He is successful for a reason. His team plays well, for him, for a reason. I like the leave it on the floor mentality. The most common complaint Ive always heard about the NBA is that they dont play hard. Now theres a team that does that every night, and still people complain. Again, (Thank you, Stacey King!) if you play it safe, not to get hurt, you always get hurt. And if you decide only to turn it on for certain games, youre not going to end up playing for as you think you should. ATTITUDE!

For Blackhawks Nation, its a different story. The one constant since their Cup is their inconsistency. Game-to-game or shift-to-shift, who can figure them out? They taketh, then they giveth right back, and then some. The thing about the 2009-10 season was their mastery of controlling the puck. They dictated the tempo and lived in the offensive zone whether they had the puck or not. They were suffocating. I can speak from experience. This team, while talented on offense, seems very indifferent in their own end. The easy target right now, no pun intended, are the goalies. I get that to a point, theyve given up a few softies, but when a guy scores 8 points on you and no one gets knocked down? That wasnt 99 out there. That was a mediocre player on a mediocre team, who they made look like The Next One. Watch a Rangers or Bruins game right now. Defensively they are light years ahead of the Hawks, as a team. Their forwards come back all of the time, they allow no room. Then go check out their goalie stats. Theyre easy to find since all 4 are right near the top of every meaningful stat list. Coincidence? My thought is the play of Brian Campbell is missed more than anyone would like to admit. For at the very least, he could get the puck out! Dont look now, but the schedule for the last 28 games is over-the-top difficult, only 2 of the games remaining are not against a team that would be in the playoffs or is just a point out. And those 2 games are on the road against Columbus, one of which is next week to end this current nine-game trip, which at this time has yet to produce a win. Yikes! Lets hope that game isnt to salvage the only win of the trip, especially since the prize for returning home is an 11:30am nationally televised game against the Blues. Its time to stop making excuses.

Now as far as what we have to look forward to, it could be the good, the bad and the ugly. I said could be! That since during the offseason we can wax poetic about what could be, in spite of the overwhelming reality of the ending of the Bears, Sox and Cubs seasons.

For once, Im actually bullish on the Bears prospects. If there is a sense of urgency towards this year, there is. Defensively, the core is not getting any younger, so make the moves to win now. That being said, this defense has always proved to be able to consistently keep the team in games. The difference has always been the offense. I never understood the trade for a franchise QB and make him do things that he doesnt do as well as others. I know that much was made of his in-game phone message for Mike Martz and that Jay should comport himself better. Whatever! Im stunned it took him a year and a half. Well thats all over now, with the promotion of Mike Tice and, finally, the addition of Jeremy Bates as an offensive assistant, Jay is now in charge. Hes also going to be working directly with two guys who know what he does best, and maybe more important, theyre two guys who Cutler trusts will put him in good spots and not leave him out to dry in repeated 7-step drops with a suspect line. Get used to the 3-step drop and the moving pocket! One of the things I took from the Super Bowl - I mean besides all of the chowder-head anguish!! was how similar I think Jay and Eli Manning are, right down to the facial expressions and body language that everyone seems to have a problem with. They both have big-time arms and are willing to show them off. They both are relentless. And in the pocket, while neither would be confused with Mike Vick, have an ability to move around to extend plays, sometimes to the consternation of fans and coaches with their creativity. What I like about that is that they dont quit and will do anything to make a play. I think Elis results speak for themselves. Can Cutler do the same? For a start, having some wide receivers would help. Earl Bennett is nice, as a 3, he cant be a number 1 guy. Someone like Vincent Jackson could be, and he should be available in a couple of weeks. The draft might be a nice place to look also. But the key here is not to bring in more waste of talents like Roy Williams and try to sell him as a number 1. Two receivers better than Bennett are the key. End of story. I cant wait to see what happens and like I said Im optimistic. What?!

And any February blog would not be complete without a pitchers and catchers reporting reference. When Im asked about the 2 teams in town, the thing Im most excited about is that they are about to start up. The thought of spring training just makes me smile. In fact, Opening Day for Major League Baseball is less than 50 days away. 50! Soon enough well be able to lament about the fates of the north and south siders, but for now, like any other fan, its exciting to think about what might be. Hope abounds! For the Cubs, I think Anthony Rizzo is going to be a fan favorite, I just hopes he lives up to his price. And although the era of a fan-favorite lefty has ended, is another one beginning on the Southside with Chris Sale? Reality will soon be upon us, but for now its time to dream the dream, imagine what could be, and, to be nice. What?! Im not sure, but I think this mild winter is making me soft! Dream the dream? Here? It will be back to normal here soon enough, outside and in.

Bears film review: A correct decision by Mitch Trubisky, but a wrong result


Bears film review: A correct decision by Mitch Trubisky, but a wrong result

The play preceding the Bears' failed fake punt was, if you just look at the box score, a head scratcher: A third-and-three run to running back Taquan Mizzell, which gained only a yard. 

But the play call was a run-pass option, and Mitch Trubisky made the correct decision to hand the ball off to Mizzell on the play. Today's film breakdown looks at why, and how the play broke down:

First, the wider view shows that Trey Burton (blue arrow) might’ve been open over the middle. But Trubisky’s read on the play is linebacker Kyler Fackrell (yellow arrow), who starts the play by taking one step back and does not engage with right tackle Bobby Massie. 

This is Trubisky’s read on the play — if Fackrell rushed, this is an easy decision to pass. But he doesn’t, so Trubisky makes the correct decision to hand off to Mizzell. 

It looks worse than it was, because when Burton turned for the ball he was open, in part too because inside linebacker Blake Martinez blitzes up the middle. 

Still, Nagy said Trubisky made the right decision on the play. So why didn’t it work? 

As Trubisky is making his read (blue arrow), left guard James Daniels doesn’t block defensive lineman Fadol Brown (yellow circle). This wasn’t Daniels getting defeated on a block — there was a communication breakdown, and Daniels thought he was going to have help on the play. The run is going this direction, though (red arrow). 

Green Bay had sort of a funky front here, with three defensive linemen lined up over the interior of the Bears’ line with Martinez (No. 50) blitzing up the middle as well. 

When Trubisky makes the decision to hand off to Mizzell, his eyes where they need to be — on Fackrell (blue arrow). But Brown is already free (yellow arrow) and Daniels has no one to block (green circle). 

Daniels can’t recover, and Brown gets his hands on Mizzell. This play, otherwise, was blocked up well — left tackle Charles Leno had a handle on outside linebacker Clay Matthews (yellow circle), and wide receiver Taylor Gabriel was in position on cornerback Josh Jackson, too (yellow arrow). At a minimum, this play should’ve gone for a first down; at best, it could’ve gone for 10 or more yards. 

This shouldn’t be taken as a reason to doubt Daniels’ progress — he’s developed nicely throughout the course of the season, though is occasionally prone to rookie mistakes like this. More often than not Daniels gets this play right, and when he does get something wrong, he rarely repeats the same mistake. 

But if you were asking yourself on Sunday why the Bears handed off to Mizzell on third and two — this is why. The play should’ve worked. There’s nothing strategic to quibble about here when it comes to Nagy’s decision to call it or Trubisky’s decision within it. 

The point of looking at this play is to more to show how the Bears' offense can be effective with RPOs — Trubisky completed a few passes to Burton on them earlier in the game, when he correctly read an outside linebacker coming across the line of scrimmage to engage with a tackle. It's not necessarily ground-breaking, but it shows how the Bears' offense can efficiently operate come the postseason, so long as the blocking up front is sound. 

Edgy Tim: Pros and cons of IHSA district football

NBC Sports Chicago

Edgy Tim: Pros and cons of IHSA district football

The Illinois High School Association (IHSA) approved 11 separate amendment proposals Tuesday in its annual bylaw referendum. Included in the approved proposals was Proposal 23 (passed 324-307-69), which involves implementing a statewide district regular season schedule system for football, thus eliminating the current regular season conference scheduling system. The changes will take place beginning with the 2021 IHSA football season.  

So what are some of the potential pros and cons of the passing of Proposal 23?

"I can see the pros and the cons of this proposal," according to Joliet Catholic athletic director Dan Sharp. "I just had a feeling that this would pass since the issue really has impacted everyone across the state."

The potential positives of Proposal 23? 

"It's a definite positive when it comes to conference stability," Sharp said. "Football, no question, has been the main factor that has driven conferences splitting apart over the last several years. The conference system has been unfair especially when it comes to other sports and this will hopefully eliminate conferences in the other sports from breaking apart."

"I also love the fact that the first two games don't count towards the playoffs. I can see us going out and getting to play some huge opening season games and getting to play against some schools who we've played in the past like a Mount Carmel for example. I also like the fact that we will know our class before the start of the season and play against schools in the same class now. Conferences started to become more enrollment-based several years ago and that trend has continued. So playing against same sized programs under this proposal makes sense."

Sharp also relayed some of the negatives regarding Proposal 23.

"Some schools will need to travel more. I'm thinking of this area and schools like Minooka and the Plainfield schools will be impacted. In our case, our travel could get cut considerably compared to playing in the East Suburban Catholic Conference. Also you will no longer be able to play against bigger enrollment schools in district games and we've played against bigger schools for years. Will a district schedule be as challenging as the current conference scheduling? In a lot of cases I can see schools not being happy not getting to play up to challenge themselves."

Several longtime traditional conference will also be lost under this proposal.

"Long time traditional conferences like the Chicago Catholic Blue and the West Suburban schools are now non existent and you hate losing those traditional rivalries. I'm sure those schools will use some of the two non district games to keep some of those rivalry games going." 

Yet the biggest negative of all with the passing of Proposal 23? Who will you be playing in your district starting in 2021?

"The biggest issue a lot of coaches and ADs had was the unknown factor. Who will be in your district and how will the IHSA divide up those districts? Will we be heading towards the Rich Township schools or maybe out West? Maybe we will need to travel down south?"