LIV Golf: Remaining Tournament Schedule, 2023 Expansion Plans

LIV Portland

LIV Golf continues to establish roots in the U.S. with the upcoming tournament in Bedminster, N.J. this weekend. 

LIV golfers will stay stateside for the next two tournaments in Boston and Chicago before returning to the international circuit for two more invitationals in Thailand and Saudi Arabia. The 2022 LIV season concludes at Trump National Golf Club Doral in Miami in late October. 

While LIV enters this weekend only a quarter of the way through its inaugural season, the controversial Saudi-backed league is making headway on a 2023 schedule complete with more events and more money. 

These plans for an expansion make it clear that golf fans can expect the drama to carry into the next season. 

Here’s all the information you need about LIV’s remaining 2022 schedule and expansion plans heading into 2023.

What is the remaining LIV tournament schedule for 2022?

  • July 29 - 31: LIV Invitational Bedminster (Trump National Golf Club Bedminster)
  • Sept. 2 - 4: LIV Invitational Boston (The International)
  • Sept. 16 - 18: LIV Invitational Chicago (Rich Harvest Farms)
  • Oct. 7 - 9: LIV Invitational Bangkok (Stonehill)
  • Oct. 14 - 16: LIV Invitational Jeddah (Royal Greens Golf & Country Club)
  • Oct. 27 - 30: LIV Invitational Miami (Trump National Golf Club Doral)

What are LIV’s plans for 2023?

Despite the PGA Tour’s best attempts, LIV Golf doesn’t seem to be going anywhere for the near future announcing an official rebrand as “LIV Golf League” ahead of its 2023 season that will include 48 players competing on 12 established team franchises. 

The big change is the number of tournaments: LIV is going from 8 in 2022 to 14 next season. 

What is the LIV total purse in 2023? 

LIV golfers will play for $405 million in 2023. 

That is $150 million more than the current purse of $255 million across eight events this season. 


Those 14 locations and dates remain undisclosed, but the league statement did emphasize the goal of expanding LIV Golf’s “global footprint.”

Asia is a particular region of interest for the league where LIV and the Saudi Public Interest Fund reportedly invested $300 million into the Asian Tour. 

This partnership, which increases the total number of tournaments to 25 and provides opportunities for world ranking points, is critical to LIV’s efforts to compete with the PGA Tournament. 

Will LIV Golf League conflict with the PGA Tour in 2023?

LIV Golf confirmed that its 2023 schedule would not conflict with the four Major tournaments -- the Masters, the PGA Championship, the U.S. Open and the Open Championship. 

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean LIV participants are in the clear. 

In the midst of the initial migration to LIV earlier this summer, a number of athletes resigned from the PGA Tour. Those who didn’t resign were indefinitely suspended. 

While the PGA Tour continues to try to counter the exodus with a combination of incentives for loyalty and penalties, it remains to be seen how the majors themselves respond going forward. LIV members competed at both the U.S. Open and the Open Championship, but this will likely be an evolving issue as LIV Golf League expands.