Luongo ready to move on, may consider Chicago


Luongo ready to move on, may consider Chicago

Steve Wojcik
Robert Luongo can see the writing on the wall. The 33-year old Vancouver goaltender has likely played his final game with the Canucks - a realization he seems willing to accept.Luongo's six-year career in Vancouver includes being selected to three consecutive NHL All-Star Games from 2007-09, but he will likely be remembered for being pulled in consecutive postseasons for backup (and soon to be starter) Brian Schneider.Today, Luongo joined "The Jeff O'Neil Show" on 993 The Fox in Vancouver to talk about his future in the NHL.Luongo reflected on his six seasons with the Canucks, and tossed around the idea of putting on a Hawks jersey."I think there's a lot of cities that are great to play in, and Chicago's definitely one of them," Luongo said. "But you have to realize that it works both ways. There's not only me involved in this decisions. It's also a question if the Blackhawks would be interested, if the team would be interested in trading me there and if I wanted to go there."The idea that Luongo would even entertain the thought of departing Vancouver and heading to Chicago may come as a surprise to some, considering the 7-game battle the teams took part in during Round One of the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Luongo allowed 11 goals in Vancouver's 3 losses during the series, which may have marked the beginning of the end for him as a Canuck. He was a good sport, however, when asked about whether or not he could deal with listening to'Chelsea Dagger' in Chicago."I like that song. It's catchy," Luongo said. "I heard it seven times in one game."

Kyle Hendricks takes in a Blackhawks game with... Bastian Schweinsteiger?

NBC Sports Chicago

Kyle Hendricks takes in a Blackhawks game with... Bastian Schweinsteiger?

A Cubs pitcher taking in a Blackhawks game in a suite is nothing special, but doing so with a World Cup winner is... different.

Kyle Hendricks was spotted by the cameras of Thursday's Blackhawks-Coyotes broadcast on NBC Sports Chicago. The guy he was standing next to was none other than Chicago Fire midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger, a World Cup with Germany and Champions League winner with Bayern Munich.

Hendricks is known for being reserved on the mound and in his interviews with the media. Meanwhile, Schweinsteiger was filmed yelling "Bear Down" in the hallway of Toyota Park after a Fire practice earlier in the day.

There's no telling what inspired Schweinsteiger to do this, but he has definitely embraced Chicago sports teams since joining the Fire in March of 2017.

Makes you wonder what Hendricks and Schweinsteiger were talking about. Best places to get brats in Chicago?

Niklas Hjalmarsson gets standing ovation from United Center crowd in Chicago return

Niklas Hjalmarsson gets standing ovation from United Center crowd in Chicago return

Niklas Hjalmarsson played for the Blackhawks for 10 years and won three Stanley Cups with the team so his return to the United Center was a big deal.

The defenseman, now with the Arizona Coyotes, made his return to Chicago in Thursday's game. The Blackhawks had a tribute video for him during the game and the crowd gave him a standing ovation after the video.

He was teary-eyed after getting the warm reception.

Hjalmarsson was traded by the Blackhawks to the Coyotes for Connor Murphy and Laurent Dauphin after the 2016-17 season. He played against the Blackhawks on Oct. 21 and again on Feb. 12 last season, but both games were in Arizona.

Injuries limited Hjalmarsson to 48 games last season and he missed Arizona's only trip to the United Center last season, which came in December.

Watch the video above to see Hjalmarsson's tribute and reaction.