Brandon Marshall is renowned around sports for being a pioneer in attempting to reduce the stigma associated with mental health disorders. He has been very public in the recent year with his Borderline Personality Disorder.

With Junior Seau's sad death earlier in the week, Marshall took to the papers to get his voice out there.

Marshall wrote a guest column for the Chicago Sun-Times that ran online Saturday morning and in it, he discussed how the stigma placed on mental health may have contributed to Seau's tragic suicide.

It makes for a very interesting read. Here's an excerpt from the column:

In therapy, I learned how to express my emotions and talk about my problems, then apply it to my real life. I had to work through my entire belief system, train myself how to think, not what to think, and let go of the things that had me in bondage.I had to bridge the gap. It wasnt going to do it on its own. Its a cycle.Can you imagine how this presents itself even more so in football players?Junior Seau, Kenny McKinley, Dave Duerson, Brandon Marshall, etc. I am the only one in that group who is living because I got help before it was too late.