MLB Power Rankings: Week 13


MLB Power Rankings: Week 13

Every Monday throughout the regular season, we'll be ranking all 30 MLB teams.

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JJ Comments 1
Tony: Yu think Darvish will win the Final Vote?
JJ: When Jeter retires, Andrus may start ASG's for a long, long time.
Tony: Four All-Stars prove how good this team is.
JJ: Put Dewayne Wise in the bullpen!
Tony: Is anybody regretting Gio trade now?
JJ: The AL East is thankful for the second wild card right now.

Tony: Mike Trout: All-Star. Get used to that.
JJ: With LA crashing, Nats are class of NL.
Tony: Taken over first place and Lincecum may be back.
JJ: Melky's been great, but .390 BABIP not sustainable.
Tony: Don't like griping, but Cueto should be an All-Star.
JJ: No question Votto's the leader for NL MVP right now.
Tony: Think they're built to last more than Orioles.
JJ: They're my favorite to grab the second Wild Card spot.
Tony: Jim Thome will be a huge addition.
JJ: Were shut out five times last week. Wow.
Tony: This team is rounding into form.
JJ: Tough to see them holding off Boston in second half.
Tony: Need Kemp back ASAP, trade for Lee would've helped.
JJ: Will probably enter second half as favorites in AL Central.
Tony: Will they really be sellers at the deadline?
JJ: Finally getting ready to buy this squad.
Tony: A.J. Burnett has been a godsend to that rotation.
JJ: Ike Davis in June: 6 HR, .926 OPS. Good news for them.
Tony: How is Wright not starting at 3B for the NL?
JJ: Have some serious pitching concerns but should stay in race.
Tony: Ben Sheets? Really?
JJ: Have a better run differential than Tampa Bay now.
Tony: Good thing AS gripes won't affect reg. season for La Russa.
JJ: Getting Berkman back should be nice, but he can't pitch.
Tony: Remember when Sizemore was the franchise star?
JJ: Enter week with an expected W-L record of 39-40.
Tony: Chris Young's lack of production is very concerning.
JJ: Continue to lurk, but haven't made their move.
Tony: In last place with a winning record? Only in AL East.
JJ: Plenty of games vs. COLSD could help them stay in race.
Tony: Still waiting for them to win like 20 of 21 or something.
JJ: 345 runs scored, 382 runs allowed. Not buying it.
Tony: Still hanging around the race, so they may be buyers.
JJ: Enter week 5 games back of 2nd wild card. Well done.
Tony: Believe it or not, they're actually in this thing.
JJ: No reason to unload Greinke with added playoff spot.
Tony: LoMo looks like just an average player.
JJ: Finally getting healthy, but may be too late.
Tony: What will they do with Cole Hamels?
JJ: Still have third-worst run differential in NL.
Tony: Look for a huge second half from Hosmer.
JJ: Man, if they just had some pitching...
Tony: They've been a much better team as of late.
JJ: Just biding time until Holtzen, Walker come up.
Tony: King Felix has been re-crowned.
JJ: Willingham should've been their All-Star.
Tony: Carlos Lee needs to approve a trade to help the franchise.
JJ: Swept by the Cubs and sinking real fast.
Tony: Can't believe they're this bad this year.
JJ: Pitching rules are, as David Kaplan would say, ridiculous.
Tony: Rizzo is the savior! Haha, but seriously, he's good.
JJ: On pace for the worst record in franchise history.
Tony: Infusion of young talent could make second half fun to watch.
JJ: So far, so good on Cashner as a starter.

Still in search of guard depth, Bulls reportedly 'planning to sign' Shaquille Harrison

Still in search of guard depth, Bulls reportedly 'planning to sign' Shaquille Harrison

The Bulls are still scrambling to add depth at point guard and found another body to throw in the rotation.

According to The Athletic's Shams Charania, the Bulls "are planning to sign" Shaquille Harrison. Harrison was waived by the Suns on Monday.

In order to complete the move, the Bulls are reportedly waiving center Omer Asik.

Harrison went undrafted out of Tulsa in 2016. The Suns signed him and sent him to the then NBA D-League. Last season, the 25-year-old from Kansas City played in 23 games and made two starts in the NBA. He averaged 6.6 points and 2.4 assists in 16.7 minutes per game.

The Suns signed Jamal Crawford earlier this week and waived Harrison. The Bulls apparently have swooped in.

This move comes just six days after the Bulls added Tyler Ulis, who was also waived by the Suns. Ulis didn't play in the season-opening loss at Philadelphia.

Kris Dunn will miss his second straight game Saturday against the Pistons. His absence against the Sixers showed the lack of depth at guard for the Bulls. Cam Payne started at point guard and split minutes with Ryan Arcidiacono. Payne went 0-for-4 in 21 minutes and led coach Fred Hoiberg to say potential lineup changes are "still up in the air."

Harrison can now join Payne, Arcidiacono and Ulis in a battle for backup minutes at point guard when Dunn returns to the lineup.

Rob Gronkowski 'highly unlikely' to play Sunday against the Bears

Rob Gronkowski 'highly unlikely' to play Sunday against the Bears

Sunday's game against Tom Brady and the Patriots will be a tough test for the Bears, but it looks like they're going to receive a big break.

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski didn't travel with the Patriots to Chicago and is "highly unlikely" to play Sunday.

Avoiding Gronkowski, who is one of Brady's favorite targets, would be a huge break for the Bears' defense. In six games this season, the tight end has 26 receptions for 405 yards and a touchdown; in 14 games last season, Gronkowski had 69 catches for 1,084 yards and eight touchdowns.

Gronkowski has not officially been ruled out yet, though time is running out for the Patriots to make a decision.

Meanwhile, Khalil Mack appears set to play Sunday despite dealing with an ankle injury. Between having Mack on the field and Gronkowski off of it, good news keeps coming for the Bears' defense.