Nebraska President says Big Ten football is returning

USA Today

Big Ten football is back! Or is it?

The Big Ten football season has been a hot-button topic as the rest of college football gets underway. It's been the source of a lot of controversy and even become a talking point of President Donald Trump.

While the Big 12, ACC and SEC play football, Big Ten fans and some players are upset they're not playing. There has been discussion of whether Big Ten's plan to play in the spring could be moved up into the fall.

And according to University of Nebraska President Ted Carter, that announcement might be coming Tuesday night.

"We're getting ready to announce the Huskers and Big Ten football tonight", said Carter, unaware he was in front of a hot mic at a press conference.

This was while Carter and Bob Hinson, director of the National Strategic Research Institute, were waiting for a press conference.

Carter also says he thinks it's a good move.


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