Kyle Long is one of the best Twitter follows among Chicago athletes and he proved it again Thursday.

As news come out of several New England Patriots players who insist they will not attend a White House visit with President Donald Trump (including Long's brother, Chris), the Bears offensive lineman explained why he would not go if the Bears were to win the Super Bowl. 

What's great about Long's series of Tweets is he doesn't get political and rather sticks to humor explaining his preference for going under Barack Obama's White House compared to Trump's:

Of course, the Bears are a long way away from the Super Bowl currently, after going 3-13 in 2016. 

But they hold the No. 3 pick in the NFL Draft and they were absolutely hammered by injuries last year, so maybe Long will get a chance to put this into practice over the next three years.

I, for one, want to hear more about Area 51 and aliens and the day Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum saved the entire planet.