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Notre Dame senior cornerback Devin Butler has not been formally charged with a crime after being arrested Saturday morning following an incident outside the Linebacker Lounge in South Bend. Court documents first published by the South Bend Tribune and later obtained by show the State of Indiana requested the St. Joseph County Superior Court to delay Butler's initial hearing for 72 hours so more information can be gathered and evaluated for the case. 

The State has until Aug. 24 to decide whether or not to file charges against Butler, who was preliminarily charged with resisting arrest and battery of a police officer, both of which are felonies. The St. Joseph County Police Department initially said Butler was officially charged with both crimes, but the court documents reflect a revision in that decision. 

When officers arrived at the Linebacker early Saturday morning, the reported a scuffle between two women in which one woman kicked the other in the head. When they approached that woman to arrest her for battery, Butler allegedly "lunged" at the woman who kicked the other and forcibly shoved her "by her head and body, causing her to move approximately 3 to 4 feet." 

Butler was grabbed by an officer and told to stay back, but allegedly cursed at officers and approached them. The two officers on the scene attempted to detain Butler, who then allegedly pushed an officer off balance, "picked him up over a curb and tackled" him to the ground. A struggle on the ground followed in which Butler allegedly struck an officer in the side and stomach "several times" as he continued to curse and threaten the officers.  


Butler allegedly then ripped a duty belt off another officer before he was struck by an officer, who deployed a taser. The officer Butler scuffled with reported injuries to his elbow, wrist, neck, back and arm and was treated at Memorial Hospital and released.

According to the court documents, Butler apologized while being transported to the St. Joseph County Jail, "stating that he had been incredibly emotional and intoxicated."

A St. Joseph County Jail official said Butler posted $1,000 bond and was released Saturday afternoon. In an unrelated incident, five other Notre Dame players were arrested Friday night on misdemeanor charges and were released from the Fulton County Jail Saturday after posting bond. 

Read the full court documents below:


  Butler, Devin