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How WSOP's Daniel Negreanu uses someone's appearance as a tell

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You don't win six World Series of Poker bracelets without a methodical approach and discipline to your game. Poker legend Daniel Negreanu, promoting the streaming service, PokerGO®, told NBC Sports Chicago recently that his game sometimes begins before the cards are dealt, just by getting a glimpse of an opponent.

"Tells are a big part of my game playing live poker, no question about it," said Negreanu, who at 23 became the youngest player ever to win a World Series of Poker bracelet. "And the tells are even more subtle than you might think. It could be as simple as what somebody is wearing, how they're wearing (it), are their nails clean? Do they smoke cigarettes? Do they smell? Is their hair kept? How do they stack their chips? There's a lot of things even before they start playing that are tells I'll pick up on. So it's always been a huge part of my game, the psychological aspect of that."

Negreanu went on to provide a specific example of what an aspect of someone's appearance might say about their game.

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"So if you notice that a guy's hair is disheveled, he's got dirt under his fingernails, dressed kind of sloppy, you can often project that to thinking that his mind kind of is like that and that's aligned with the way he thinks," Negreanu said. "He may be kind of sloppy, someone who's lacking discipline, would go on tilt, play too many hands and maybe bluff too much. And so a player like that, I might look at as kind of like a little bit wild."


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