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UFC 238: Tony Ferguson defeats Donald Cerrone after the doctors stop the bout

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Tony Ferguson extended his winning streak against the UFC's winningest fighter in history, Donald Cerrone, on Saturday night.

And for the second fight in a row, it came via a doctor's stoppage at the end of the second round. At UFC 229, Ferguson earned a win against Anthony Pettis when he couldn't continue with a broken hand.

After the corners cleared the ring, with his right eye swelling up already, Cerrone blew his nose and it closed completely. Doctors were called in to look at his eye and told a pleading Cerrone they couldn't let him continue.

"I'm old school and I should've known not to blow my nose," Cerrone told Joe Rogan after the fight.

Cerrone also said he had asked doctor's simply to try and push the air back out to clear his vision.

"It’s not the way I wanted to win," Ferguson said while apologizing to the crowd.

To add to the controversy, Ferguson landed a late punch or two after the horn to end the second round.

"The punch had nothing to do with it," Cerrone said.

Ferguson also addressed the late punch.

"And in the end of that round, going through a lot of emotions, just trying to get into it, I let a punch go at the buzzer, I thought I hit him at the buzz, it was on the other side of his face, not the side that was swollen," Ferguson said. His nose was pretty much almost broken, and technically when you blow your nose, your eyes start to swell up. Unfortunately I couldn’t give the fans that third round, I’m pissed at myself because of that and I know he wanted to do it too."


It was a disappointing end to a highly anticipated fight that was dubbed "The People's Main Event." Fans didn't handle the stoppage, verbally protesting and at least one fan threw ice into the cage.

Ferguson thanked Cerrone and his team for taking the fight and offered up a rematch, looking equally as frustrated as Cerrone at the stoppage.

The win puts Ferguson right back in the lightweight title picture, which will be cleared up when champion Khabib Nurmagomedov fights interim champion Dustin Poirier at UFC 242 in early September.

"I could give a f*** who is next," Ferguson said.

Ferguson added: "If he wants to do it again, we can. If me and Cowboy don’t fight again, I want that title shot. I’ve had that title, I feel that’s why it’s such an emotional roller-coaster. I’ve increased my value after this fight tonight. If Poirier cannot do it, I’ll go to Abu Dhabi and do it myself, and if McGregor wants to dance I have a tune for him too, so regardless I’ll be ready."

For Cerrone, it means it's back to the drawing board in his quest for that elusive UFC title.