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Frequently Asked Questions


I live outside of Comcast SportsNet's regional viewing area and the pro team games are blacked out. Can I still get Comcast SportsNet and how can I see these blacked out games?

You can receive Comcast SportsNet on DIRECTV 640 and DISH Network 429. DIRECTV subscribers must subscribe to Total Choice or Total Choice Plus package with the Sports Pack. DISH Network customers must subscribe to America's Top 120 or 180 with the Multi Sport Package. Due to professional league blackout rules, professional games will not be available on Comcast SportsNet. A subscription to MLB Extra Innings is required to see Chicago Cubs and White Sox, NBA League Pass for the Chicago Bulls and NHL Center Ice for the Chicago Blackhawks for broadcasts outside the regional viewing area. Please contact your satellite service provider regarding the availability of MLB Extra Innings, NBA League Pass and NHL Center Ice programming packages.
How can I obtain a tape of a game or a feature I saw on Comcast SportsNet?

Unfortunately, with staffing, expenses and league rights issues involved, we simply cannot meet these requests. Therefore, it is our policy to not provide dubs to viewers. However, viewers can contact “News Exposure” at 312-685-2285 or regarding obtaining programming on Comcast SportsNet. PLEASE NOTE: “News Exposure” cannot provide any professional team/league-related game footage or highlights of any kind for our pro game telecasts.

Why is Bears Blitz and Bears Recap blacked out in some areas?

This year, both Bears Blitz and Bears Recap contain NFL highlights within the shows. The NFL requires that these programs be blacked out in areas that are outside of the Bears territory, which is the Chicago market. Our "Bears Postgame Live" show does not contain game highlights and it will continue to be available to all of our viewers.

Why are some Cubs and White Sox games blacked out on DIRECTV?

Games that were available in the past with DIRECTV's Sports Pack or Total Choice package may be blacked out this season. Customers can see these blacked out games with DIRECTV's Extra Innings package. Any other questions should be directed to 1-800-DIRECTV.

Where is Comcast SportsNet HDTV available?

Comcast SportsNet HDTV is available within the regional territory on Comcast Digital Cable channel 200, RCN Cable TV channel 540, WOW! Internet and Cable channel 220 and in designated areas on DIRECTV channel 640 and DISH Network channel 379.

Where can I find out the channel location of a Comcast SportsNet Plus (CSN+) game in HD?

Your cable company or satellite provider will determine the channel location of CSN+ HD games. First, please consult your on-screen menu as channel locations frequently change, or call your provider regarding availability and location of CSN+ games in HD. We will continue to post that information on our website whenever available.

I have Dish Network. Where do I find Comcast SportsNet HD?

CSN HD is on channel 429 on Dish Network.

Where can I find out where Comcast SportsNet Plus (CSN+) is in my area?

Comcast SportsNet Plus (CSN+) telecasts are provided to Comcast SportsNet affiliates and distributed to viewers when two live events are scheduled simultaneously. Comcast Cable subscribers can watch all CSN+ games on CLTV. Cable operators who do not carry CLTV will place CSN+ telecasts on a to-be-determined channel. Click here to find the CSN+ channel in your area.

How do I request a Comcast SportsNet personality to participate in my upcoming event?

All requests for on-air talent appearances need to be in writing, and appear on organization letterhead. The request should include:

• Name of your organization
• Contact name and daytime phone number
• Date, time and location of your event
• Description of your event
• Scope of on-air personality's role

Appearance Requests
Comcast SportsNet
350 N. Orleans Street
Suite S1-100
Chicago, IL 60654

Where are the replays of Chicago Cubs and White Sox games?

Because of strong viewer interest, Comcast SportsNet will again be re-airing the Cubs and White Sox game telecasts appearing on the network on the morning after that night's game at 1:00 a.m. and the following day at 2:00 p.m.

How can I find out what career opportunities are available at Comcast SportsNet?

Click here to find out about all our available openings.