Saturday, September 26th

There were two meltdowns at U-S Cellular Field tonight. The first one came during the game. After watching Freddy Garcia give up two singles in the seventh trying to protect a 5-3 lead, Ozzie Guillen came to the mound, and chose to keep his starter in the game.

Bad move.

Garcia gave up another single to Adam Everett. Then came another to Curtis Granderson.
Ozzie finally pulled him for Tony Pena but the misery continued.

There was a single by Placido Polanco. A single by Magglio Ordonez. The Tigers had five straight hits, and scored four runs in the inning. Scott Linebrink came on in the eighth and gave up four more. When all was said and done, the Tigers scored TWELVE unanswered runs, and won the game, 12-5.

Afterwards, Guillen unloaded on his team. What set him off? Football. Yes, football.

It took our editors a few minutes to beep out all the words that werent rated-Gand there are many. Enjoy.