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Edgy Tim's Top 25 Preps Power Rankings: Playoffs/Second Round

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Edgy Tim's Top 25 Preps Power Rankings: Playoffs/Second Round

Here are the latest @NBCSPreps Top 25 Power Rankings as teams embark on the IHSA quarterfinals.

1. Lincoln-Way East 11-0 (1)
Last Week: Beat Notre Dame, 23-13
This Week: vs Homewood-Flossmoor
EDGY's Take: The Griffins get to host Southwest Suburban rival H-F for the second time this year. East won the weather-postponed Week 5 game 28-14.

2. Mount Carmel 11-0 (2)
Last Week: Beat Glenbard North, 34-14
This Week: vs Phillips
EDGY's Take: The Chicago Bowl is lurking. The Caravan will look to take care of business against their Public League foes on Saturday.

3. Nazareth Academy 11-0 (3)
Last Week: Beat Thornton, 49-21
This Week: vs Batavia
EDGY's Take: Huge game for Derrick Strongs against Thornton. The Roadrunners now square off against Bataiva, a team they beat in last year's 7A semifinals 47-28.

4. Warren Township 11-0 (4)
Last Week: Beat Fremd, 31-6
This Week: @ Bolingbrook
EDGY's Take: The Blue Devils' offense has kicked things into a higher gear in the postseason. On 'D, they've only given up 34 points all year.

5. Homewood-Flossmoor 10-1 (5)
Last Week: Beat Neuqua Valley, 38-22
This Week: @ Lincoln-Way East
EDGY's Take: And now, the rematch. Can the Vikings win on the road at Lincoln-Way East on Saturday?

6. Loyola 8-3 (8)
Last Week: Beat Glenbard West, 28-27
This Week: vs Marist
EDGY's Take: The Ramblers simply refused to quit. A healthy Vaughn Pemberton helped matters. The Ramblers needed a power runner to bost the offense and he has certainly stepped up.

7. Minooka 11-0 (9)
Last Week: Beat Edwardsville, 34-17
This Week: @ Brother Rice
EDGY's Take: The Indians looked strong against Edwardsville; winning at Brother Rice in the quarterfinals will be a tall task.

8. Bolingbrook 8-3 (10)
Last Week: Beat Oswego, 31-30 2-OT
This Week: vs Warren Township
EDGY's Take: The Raiders get another big performance from RB Antonio King. His TD in the second overtime helped secure the win.

9. Glenbard West 10-1 (6)
Last Week: Lost to Loyola, 28-27
This Week: Season Completed
EDGY's Take: The Hilltoppers gave Loyola everything they could handle on Saturday and simply fell short.

10. Neuqua Valley 9-2 (7)
Last Week: Lost to H-F, 38-22
This Week: Season Completed
EDGY's Take: The H-F power running game/offense kept the Wildcats' offensive playmakers on the sideline.

11. Batavia 9-2 (11)
Last Week: Beat Hononegah, 48-0
This Week: @ Nazareth Academy
EDGY's Take: The Bulldogs now look to get a win on the road. Can they figure out a way to get the Batavia Water Tower to LaGrange Park?

12. Hillcrest 10-1 (12)
Last Week: Beat Fenwick, 28-7
This Week: vs St Rita
EDGY's Take: All of Hawks Nation is wondering just how injured RB Mar'Kiese Irving was in Saturday's win over Fenwick.

13. Willowbrook 10-1 (14)
Last Week: Beat Yorkville, 33-24
This Week: @ Lake Zurich
EDGY's Take: The Warriors will make their fourth straight quarterfinal appearance. Should be a great game against Lake Zurich.

14. Prairie Ridge 10-1 (17)
Last Week: Beat Simeon, 49-0
This Week: vs Cary Grove
EDGY's Take: Well...well...well. Look at who the Wolves face next: Fox Valley Conference rival Cary-Grove. 

15. Rolling Meadows 11-0 (18)
Last Week: Beat Prospect, 26-14
This Week: @ Wheaton South
EDGY's Take: The Mustangs get the rematch win over Prospect. Chris Divito carried 22 times for 155 yards and three touchdowns.

16. St. Rita 8-3 (21)
Last Week: Beat Sterling, 32-0
This Week: @ Hillcrest
EDGY's Take: The Mustangs get a huge road win against a previously-undefeated Sterling team to advance. Rita will stay on the road this week (at Hillcrest).

17. Brother Rice 7-4 (NR)
Last Week: Beat South Elgin, 25-7
This Week: vs Minooka
EDGY's Take: South Elgin's defense was the story going on, but Brother Rice's defense earned the spotlight in this one.

18. Marist 7-4 (NR)
Last Week: Beat Huntley, 14-7
This Week: @ Loyola Academy
EDGY's Take: The Redhawks, who beat the Ramblers in Week 9 to get into the state playoff field, now get to take on Loyola in Wilmette for the second time in a month.

19. Huntley 9-2 (15)
Last Week: Lost to Marist, 14-7
This Week: Season Completed
EDGY's Take: The Red Raiders went toe-to-toe with heavyweight Marist for four quarters on Saturday.

20. Maine South 7-3 (13)
Last Week: Season Completed
This Week: Season Completed
EDGY's Take: Season Completed 

21. Phillips 9-1 (NR)
Last Week: Beat Normal Community, 20-0
This Week: @ Mount Carmel
EDGY's Take: The Wildcats have been eyeing a big-time playoff game against the Caravan ever since moving "up" to Class 7A. They will get their wish.

22. Wheaton South 8-3 (NR)
Last Week: Beat Downers Grove North, 28-7
This Week: vs Rolling Meadows
EDGY's Take: The Tigers have now made back-to-back quarterfinal appearances after three straight two-win seasons.
23. Providence Catholic 8-3 (NR)
Last Week: Beat Crete-Monee, 61-37
This Week: vs Glenwood
EDGY's Take: The Celtics get a huge showing from the offense, led by sophomore RB Aaron Vaughn Jr. He ran for 366 yards and four touchdowns in the win.

24. Fremd 8-3 (20)
Last Week: Lost to Warren Township, 31-6
This Week: Season Completed
EDGY's Take: The Vikings just couldn't get the offense on track against one of the state's top defenses.

25. Notre Dame 8-3 (22)
Last Week: Lost to Lincoln Way East, 23-13
This Week: Season Completed
EDGY's Take: The Don wrap up a very strong 2019 season and will look to QB Anthony Sayles to led the way in 2020.

Mount Carmel head coach Jordan Lynch discusses football program during pandemic

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Mount Carmel head coach Jordan Lynch discusses football program during pandemic

The latest guest on my weekly 20 Minutes podcast is Mount Carmel head football coach Jordan Lynch. Lynch, who was an All-State quarterback at Mount Carmel and then starred as a Heisman Trophy candidate at Northern Illinois University, has led his alma mater to an impressive 25-2 record in two seasons including a 14-0 record last fall and the 2019 Class 7A state title. Lynch and I cover several different subjects from the coronavirus pandemic to an impressive 2019 Caravan season and much more.

EDGYTIM: So as an educator and a coach, what has been the game plan as far as the whole coronavirus is concerned for Mount Carmel as a school as well as for your team?

Jordan Lynch: Educationally it's been a lot to take in, especially for a 16-17 year old kid and in the bigger picture this can all be a lot. At first I thought a lot of kids looked at this as a couple-week vacation, but we've really locked down here as coaches and teachers and administrators and we are all on an eLearning platform. A lot of our kids have fully bought in and they aren't treating this as a vacation. At first I think the whole vacation mentality was the mindset of a lot of kids, but that's all changed very quickly. Everyone is hitting the books and doing eLearning five days a week and getting after it. We've had our challenges because we have kids who come from different backgrounds, and some might not have a device or proper WiFi, but everyone is helping each other out and it's been a success so far. Personally, I do miss being around the kids. I miss getting to see them and getting to check up on them individually. That's been my focus this week and I'm sending out texts along with sending them messages on Hudl. We've been sending them workouts, different motivation quotes and just trying to keep the kids as engaged as possible. But the most important thing right now is that they are keeping up with their education and staying on top of their school work.

EDGYTIM: Your program has been well known for your 6 AM workouts for years now. They have been such a big part of the whole team bonding aspect at Mount Carmel, but that's being lost for now. When you eventually are allowed to get back with the team, is that team bonding maybe as important to recapture as any other work this time of the year?

Lynch: Absolutely.  Every team in the state and every kid that plays football is part of an offseason program. The big thing that I think separates us is how we run our 6 AM workouts. Every kid is dressed head to toe the same. You aren't allowed to work out even if you don't have the right socks, everyone is dressed the same. At this time of the year we have no seniors in the workouts, just juniors and younger, so we have juniors that want to take over the leadership roles and who want to lead and want to be a captain. This is the biggest time of the year where they grow the most in that aspect. As an example Justin (Lynch, Jordan's younger brother and starting QB) is more of a quiet kid, and he is going to need to be more vocal this year. This is that time of the year where he can be building upon that over the next few months so when it comes to August hopefully he's already taken over that leadership role. That's a big aspect that we are missing right now.

EDGYTIM: So after two seasons as a high school head coach now, what's been the biggest surprise or the biggest challenge for you so far?

Lynch: I'm still learning and I'm still growing every day. When I was the running backs coach at Northern Illinois you are working on football constantly 24/7, 365 days a year.  It's really all you do and you are just grinding it out. I got to Mount Carmel and got hired in late December, early January and there isn't a whole lot of football activity going on from January 'til July. So during that time you are building up relationships with the kids and that's when I realized that mattered the most. At the end of the day it's not all about the X's and O's and winning a game. It's about the kids trusting you and trusting your staff and having them buy into what you're trying to preach. So delivering that message day in and day out is the most important part of being a head coach and winning games. If the kids don't believe in you, even if you have the greatest schemes, it doesn't matter. In Year 2 we really minimized everything and we only had a few different plays. But we know what we are good at and we make sure the kids buy in and know their assignments and really trust us as a coaching staff.  In high school you need to have great mentors regardless of all the X's and O's.

EDGYTIM: We've talked before about the new on campus Barda-Dowling Stadium at Mount Carmel and everything that went into that new facility, but did it go maybe above and beyond even your expectations last season?

Lynch: It really did go above my expectations last year to be honest and I'm someone who played at Gately Stadium and who played on the old AstroTurf. I sound really old but that was just 10 years or so ago. I Ioved Gately Stadium and I loved playing there, but that was 10-11 years ago and times have changed. The thing I always noticed playing at Gately was our student section never really traveled to Gately and we never had a great student section. When we moved our games to Mount Carmel our student section really came alive. They came up with different themes each week and different chants and they really bought in. The student section in the end zone was packed every single time and that was really the first time as a player and now as a coach I felt a home atmosphere and we finally had an advantage playing at home now. For the people who haven't been out yet to see a game it reminds me of a Division 2 or Division 3 atmosphere. It's compact and it's tight. It seats 2,200 I believe and we make sure we pack it. It has an old school feeling too where sometimes people don't like to sit in the stands and instead just stand around the field. It was just great and a big reason why we went undefeated at home last season.

EDGYTIM: What stood out to me about last season's 14-0 state title run was that you didn't exactly blow anyone out of games week in and week out. You had a lot of tight games, yet it never felt for the most part that you were ever out of any games and even though the scores were close, they really didn't feel that close. Is that by design or was that just me?

Lynch:  Kind of how I felt the season played out when I look back on it is that when you think of Mount Carmel, the first thing that comes to mind is defense and you think of Dave Lenti (defensive coordinator). That guy doesn't get enough credit for a lot of things, but there is a reason why Mount Carmel has been super successful over the years and Dave has a lot to do with it. We pride ourselves on defense and we pride ourselves on grinding teams out. The scores in those games doesn't indicate the game necessarily and for three quarters there will be some teams with our schedule, some high powered teams who are going to be in the game with us. We really pride ourselves and why we train like we do in the off season is that come the fourth quarter we wear teams out. We will stick to the run game, we will eat some clock up and we are going to rely on our defense. We have some great play makers on offense who can do some special things, but I'm not going to drop back and throw the ball 50 times a game. I'm going to run the ball 50 times a game and grind you out for three quarters and when it comes to the fourth quarter, who wants it the most? A lot of the games were close bit in the fourth quarter you saw the clock management, the run game and upfront we just seemed to get stronger and stronger as the game wore on. That's Mount Carmel kind of football in a nutshell and how we play.

EDGYTIM: So who are your nonconference games for next season and have you realized that the CCL/ESCC will be even more stacked with loaded teams in 2020 who all bring back a ton of experience from last season?

Lynch:  From what I've heard alot of kids are coming back from last season and a lot of the teams are returning a lot of starters. It's the Catholic League Blue and I wouldn't want it any other way. We open up at home against Calumet High who we played last year as well. The only thing that really changes in our schedule this year from last year is that we play Phillips in Week 2 then after that it leads right into another grinder. It really comes down to who can stay the healthiest and who can have the most momentum heading into Week 10.

EDGYTIM: So let's say we finally get past this whole coronavirus ordeal. I decided to take you out for dinner and I'm where are you taking me?

Lynch:  Man that's tough. One of my go-to spots is I'm a big pizza guy. I would say that over the last 15 years or so my parents have always been going to Roseangla's Pizza in Evergreen Park. That's a spot on almost every Thursday you can catch me eating there.  So that's a spot where me and you could sit down and have a nice little hangout. That's where we would go.    

Edgy Tim's recruiting News and Notes

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Edgy Tim's recruiting News and Notes

Marist junior three-star ranked offensive tackle Pat Coogan (6-foot-5, 295 pounds) added an offer from Notre Dame last week. Since then, Coogan has picked up new offers from Ohio State, Oklahoma and LSU all within a week's time frame. 

"It feels amazing," Coogan said. "I never could have imagined I would get offers from three out of four CFB playoff teams. It's been a wild week."

Coogan admitted that the offer from Notre Dame is special. 

"It's a big one for sure," Coogan said. "It's an offer I wanted for a long time now. I've been a Notre Dame fan my whole life, and when they offered me, it was a surreal moment."

Batavia (IL) junior inside linebacker recruit Matt "Mojo" Weerts (6-foot-2, 217 pounds) added his latest scholarship offer on Monday from the University of Arizona. 

"I'm really excited and pumped about getting an offer from Arizona," Weerts said. "Coach (Evan) DeVan from Arizona recruited my brother when he was coaching at Ball State, so I know him already, and Arizona is a great school and program."

"I know that Arizona plays in the PAC 12 conference, which is one of the top conferences in the nation. I also know that Arizona offers great academics, and I'm just proud to add an offer from the Wildcats. I have family that lives in Phoenix, and I'm hoping that I'll get a chance to visit Arizona later this spring or this summer."

Fremd junior offensive guard recruit Jack Walsh (6-foot-3, 290 pounds) had a good week, too. 

"It was great to get all of those offers over the past week," Walsh said. "I was able to add offers from Missouri State, Illinois State, SIU, EIU and also South Dakota, plus Southeast Missouri State."

Walsh has also drawn increased recruiting attention from several schools.

"Besides the schools who have offered me, I've also been in contact with the coaches from NIU, Ball State, Purdue, Wyoming and also Kent State. The coaches want me to stay in touch with them, and, hopefully, we will be able to get out to make some college visits sometime soon."

Hersey junior offensive guard recruit Ryan Gudaitis (6-foot-4, 255 pounds) recently added his first two scholarship offers when both Illinois State and Southern Illinois decided to extend him a scholarship offer.

"I was able to add my first two offers from Illinois State and Southern Illinois," Gudaitis said. "I was hoping that I would eventually draw some scholarship offers but getting them this early is really a nice surprise."

Gudaitis, who is a three sport athlete at Hersey (football, basketball and baseball), has also seen more recruiting interest early this spring. 

"I've also been hearing from several other schools, including South Dakota, NIU, North Dakota, EIU, plus some of the Minnesota D2 schools like Winona State and Minnesota Duluth. I was able to make a junior day visit to NIU back in February, and that went well, but it was my only visit for now. I was also planning to visit ISU later this spring, but that's been cancelled."