Preps Talk

Preps Talk

Having the last name of "Hoiberg" helps Hinsdale Central senior Jack Hoiberg stand out on the basketball court. But the son of Chicago Bulls head coach Fred Hoiberg is more than just a varsity basketball player.

Besides being a contributor to a Red Devils program that went 16-12 on the season, Hoiberg made a name for himself as a golfer. A lefty who was committed to South Dakota for golf, Hoiberg loves the links and became a fan of the sport because of his dad.

"It was all my choice. I mean, when I was born my dad said jokingly that the only sport he was going to have me play was golf since he loved golf," Hoiberg said. "I got into it at a young age and I just fell in love with the sport. I've been working to get better at it ever since."

Hoiberg played other sports like baseball and football growing up but he's gravitated towards basketball and golf as he focused his own career as a high school athlete.

"I was pretty good at both and didn't want to give anything up," Hoiberg said.

A back-to-back state title winner in golf, Hoiberg is hoping to make one final run in boys basketball as Jack is thinking about staying with the sport at the next level. Potentially walking on at a big program, Jack is hoping to potentially coach the game someday -- just like his father.

As for Fred Hoiberg, the Bulls coach has been happy to see the way Jack's high school athletics career has played out.


"The biggest thing with Jack is how his confidence has grown in a big way," Hoiberg said.

"He's doing a great job with his leadership, which is fun for me to see. He's a great teammate. His defense has grown in a big way. It's just fun to see how his overall game has improved."

Even though the Hoibergs are somewhat of a public family since Fred has such a high-profile job, Jack has done a good job of making a name for himself and building his own athletics career.

Hoiberg still has decide what he wants to do with his athletic future but he'll have some options after a strong senior year at Hinsdale Central.