Schanowski: No Rose, no title


Schanowski: No Rose, no title

In an instant, the Bulls lopsided win over Philadelphia in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals was rendered totally meaningless. The MVP was down on the court, writhing in pain, and a packed house at the United Center suddenly became totally silent, knowing the teams championship hopes could be over.

Derrick Rose went to a local hospital to get an MRI done on his left knee, and if the results turn out to be as bad as feared, his season will be done. Reaction from his teammates in the locker room suggest they know theyll have to soldier on without their best player and team leader. Rose had shown signs of returning to top form in Game 1, putting up 23 points, 9 rebounds and 9 assists against an overmatched Sixers squad. But now, the Bulls cant bank on the return of Rose at 100 percent. Theyll have to plan on continuing their playoff run without him.

Sure, the Bulls have depth at the position. C.J. Watson started 25 games in place of Rose during the regular season and is capable of putting up good offensive numbers. And John Lucas and Mike James can provide decent minutes off the bench. But this Bulls team is built around the unique talents of Rose, and its almost impossible to envision them making a title run without him.

Rip Hamilton, Luol Deng and Carlos Boozer will have to pick up their scoring, and the team defense will have to be tighter than ever. The Bulls should be able to get past Philadelphia, and they could possibly win a second round matchup against the Boston-Atlanta winner. But without Rose, there will not be a seventh NBA championship in the city of Chicago.

Lets just hope this is one star-crossed season in what will turn out to be a spectacular career for Derrick Rose. Rose has admitted he needs to work on his flexibility by doing a regular stretching program. Saturdays knee injury wasnt about all that. It was the type of devastating injury we see too often in basketball, and Chicago sports fans can only hope the 23-year-old Rose will be able to provide many more years of high-flying memories once he recovers.

NFC North: What Bears fans should be watching in Week 3

NFC North: What Bears fans should be watching in Week 3

Chicago Bears fans will get to enjoy a stress-free Sunday in Week 3 with the Bears playing Monday night against the Redskins. They'll have an opportunity to do a little advanced scouting of the NFC North, too, with all three division rivals in action Sunday afternoon in games that, unfortunately, may not present the biggest challenge.

The Packers (2-0) face an opponent familiar to the Bears when they welcome the Broncos to Lambeau Field. Green Bay is a heavy favorite (7.5 points) and based on what Denver revealed in Week 2, Aaron Rodgers should be more than capable of scoring enough points to give the Packers' top-tier defense enough of a cushion to beat up on Joe Flacco and the very average Broncos offense. 

The Vikings (1-1) have arguably the easiest game in Week 3 against the Raiders (1-1) at home. Oakland was one of Week 1's surprise winners over the Broncos, but they came back to earth a bit in Week 2's loss to the Chiefs. Expect a rebound performance from Kirk Cousins and the rest of Minnesota's offense. The Vikings are the biggest NFC North favorites of the week; they're projected to win by nine points or more.

The Lions (1-0-1) have the most challenging game of the three as they'll travel to Philadelphia to face the 1-1 Eagles. Detroit was an upset-winner over the Chargers in Week 2 and very easily could be 2-0 had they held onto their lead in Week 1 against the Cardinals, but they simply aren't talented enough to expect much of a fight against Philadelphia, one of the NFC's Super Bowl favorites. The line is pretty close, however. The Eagles are only favored by 4.5 (at home). 

How many yards will Mitch Trubisky throw for vs. Washington?

How many yards will Mitch Trubisky throw for vs. Washington?

The 2019 NFL season is still very young with only two weeks in its rear-view mirror, but the talking points surrounding Chicago Bears QB Mitch Trubisky are starting to get really old. He's been the subject of relentless criticism because of the offense's slow start and while some concerns regarding his development have merit, most of them are the product of impatience.

For example, the lazy suggestion that Trubisky is a bust because his 2017 NFL draft classmates Patrick Mahomes and DeShaun Watson, both of whom he was drafted ahead of, are already league superstars is just wrong. Players evolve and develop at different speeds. Trubisky is the only one of the three on his second head coach and is only just now beginning to develop timing with his receivers, all of whom were added to the team via free agency or the draft last season. Neither Watson nor Mahomes have had nearly as much turbulence and turnover as Trubisky through three seasons. And that matters.

It also matters who a quarterback faces from week to week. Trubisky's 2019 season started against two of the NFL's better defenses in Green Bay and Denver, so his poor stat line is a combination of his below-average play meeting above-average defenses. It's tough for a young quarterback to get out of a slump when he's battling top-tier pass rushers and quality secondaries along the way.

Fortunately, he'll get his first big opportunity to put up quality stats against the Redskins Monday night; Washington is one of the NFL's worst defenses right now, including against the pass.

But Bears fans are still somewhat skeptical about Trubisky's ceiling in Week 3. A matchup like this should make a 300-yard game within his reach. Maybe even a couple of touchdowns. But according to a recent poll I ran on Twitter, Bears fans don't see it coming out that way.

The majority of fans (36%) think Trubisky will end the game with somewhere between 200-249 yards, which by today's NFL standards is very (very!) average. If you factor the 29% who think he won't even reach 200 yards, you end up with 65% of Bears fans thinking Trubisky won't reach 250 yards and, in theory, could struggle to even hit the 200-yard mark.

That's pretty surprising, considering the numbers the Redskins have given up in Weeks 1 and 2. Carson Wentz threw for 313 yards and three touchdowns in Week 1 against and Dak Prescott sliced them up for 269 yards and three touchdowns last Sunday. There's no reason to think Trubisky can't have a game similar to Prescott's, assuming Matt Nagy dials up the right plays to put him in position to succeed.