Sunday, July 11, 2010
11:31 AM

By Chris Boden

Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger today announced - and revealed - where the lake named after the Blackhawks captain will be. Fill up the gas tank. If your vehicle can get there.

Toews was humbled and honored at the presentation at the legislative building, but admits he's never fished that far north. North, as in, 12 hours north of Winnipeg, about an hour north of the hockey hotbed of FlinFlon. The joke was now they had to build a road to get there. The lake is about a mile and a half long and a mile wide. It's an honor (or "honour") normally reserved for war casualties or descendants of the Queen. Selinger said his on-ice accomplishments and off-ice demeanor made him an exceptoio to those rules.

We write this frm the steps of City Hall, where the mayor will make special presentations and proclamations. About 500 people have shown up on Toews's Day with the Cup in his hometown. No Cup yet after Sharp had it in Thunder Bay. But the Conn Smythe Trophy is.