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NFL, players union agree on 5 year extension for 'Madden' video game

NFL, players union agree on 5 year extension for 'Madden' video game

Good news, Madden fans: you can officially continue spending $80 to complain about how the game hasn't been good in years. 

According to Darren Rovell, the NFL and EA Sports have agreed to a 5-year extension: 

Rovell says his sources have told him that, 'the deal is worth at least $1 billion to the NFL and $500 million to the players. The deal also includes at least $500 million in marketing commitments over the years.' 

Congrats to everyone involved! Now more than ever, football fans need some good news. There's no tradition as timeless as throwing controllers through TVs and against walls when your friend runs four verticals with a Y skinny post over and over and over again. Madden exists solely to allow people cover to yell at the TV without the presence of, like, a real reason. What would we do without it?

Kyle Long reacts to his low player rating in 'Madden 19'

Kyle Long reacts to his low player rating in 'Madden 19'

Kyle Long is the unquestioned leader of the Chicago Bears offensive line. He's battled injuries over the last couple of seasons, but when healthy, there are few interior linemen as physical and dominant as the former first-round pick.

But despite all the high-end plays Long has made throughout his career, the creators of "Madden 19" don't view him as one of the NFL's elite offensive guards. His 79 rating is good for 25th among active guards and second-best on the Bears, behind Cody Whitehair's 81. 

Whitehair is expected to line up at center this season, but that's beside the point. Long simply isn't viewed as a top-tier player in the eyes of EA Sports.

The three-time Pro Bowler offered an explanation as to why on Twitter.

"Probably because I’ve missed a large number of games the last two years and I have to prove to them that I’m a reliable high-level player again," he tweeted. "I ain’t mad about it. That’s how the world works fam!"

Between Long's 79 and Mitch Trubisky's 74, the Bears' headliners simply aren't getting the respect they deserve. Sure, it's only a video game, but take one look at your social media feed today and it's clear the ratings matter to players.

A big year from Long will silence his critics and restore his place among the NFL's elite offensive linemen.

Mitch Trubisky would be Jets' fourth-string QB, according to 'Madden 19'

Mitch Trubisky would be Jets' fourth-string QB, according to 'Madden 19'

Chicago Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky has a lot to prove before he can be branded as one of the NFL's best young quarterbacks. His rookie season showed a massive amount of promise, but he didn't have the "wow" moment that's required to get the non-Bears fan excited.

Nowhere is this more apparent than the player ratings issued by the developers of Madden 19, the epic video game franchise that helps bridge the gap between the late-summer months and the start of the NFL's regular season.

Trubisky's player rating was revealed Tuesday and it was shockingly low, to say the least. His 74 overall rating ranked 37th among quarterbacks in the game.

All three Jets quarterbacks -- Teddy Bridgewater, Sam Darnold and Josh McCown -- have higher player ratings.

Say what?!?!

NFL teams generally carry three quarterbacks on the final roster, which suggests -- according to Madden 19 -- that Trubisky wouldn't make the cut in New York. Let that simmer in your brain for a second.

Other quarterbacks who received a higher rating than Trubisky include Jacoby Brissett (Colts), Josh Rosen (Cardinals) and Sam Bradford (Cardinals).

And get ready for this: Trubisky's rating is only two points higher than Mike Glennon. Yes, that Mike Glennon.

Trubisky falls within the backup quarterback range on Madden 19's quarterback board. His peers include Ryan Fitzpatrick (Buccaneers), Deshone Kizer (Packers), Brock Osweiler (Dolphins) and Kyle Lauletta (Giants).

Talk about low expectations for a player who entered the league as the second overall pick just one year ago.

Players take notice of their Madden ratings. Just ask Akiem Hicks and Anthony Miller. Whether Trubisky considers his 74 grade as another layer of disrespect to fuel a successful 2018 campaign is not yet known, but for Bears fans excited about getting their hands on this year's copy of the game, get ready for a bumpy offensive ride.

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