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The wildest stats and broken records from the Bulls' four-overtime victory over the Atlanta Hawks

The wildest stats and broken records from the Bulls' four-overtime victory over the Atlanta Hawks

Well, that was something!

The Bulls and Hawks played a ridiculous game of back-and-forth basketball on Friday night in Atlanta, with the Bulls eventually prevailing 168-161 in four overtimes. No typos there, by the way.

Let's get right into the wild NBA and Bulls records that were broken in the victory.

1. 3rd highest scoring game in NBA history

Hope you didn't take the under. In the history of the NBA, only three other games have seen more points scored than tonight.

1. 1983: Detroit Pistons 186, Denver Nuggets 184 (370)
2. 1982: San Antonio Spurs 171, Milwaukee Bucks 166 (337)
3. 2019: Chicago Bulls 168, Atlanta Hawks 161 (329)

We saw a 49-point scorer in Trae Young, a 47-point scorer in Zach LaVine (both of those were career-highs) and both Otto Porter Jr. and Lauri Markkanen were 30-point scorers. In all, there were a whopping 14 players in double-figures, 15 different players made a 3-pointer and incredibly Justin Anderson did not score in 5 minutes.

And despite both teams getting wildly tired down the stretch, both teams shot pretty well from the field. The Bulls finished with a .471/.438/.729 split, while the Hawks went for .500/.373/.680.

It was also only the third time in NBA history that both teams topped 160 points.

2. 15th four-overtime game in NBA history

Bulls fans are really getting spoiled with four-overtime games. Friday night marked just the 15th four-overtime game in NBA history, and yet the Bulls have played in three of them!

1. 2019: Chicago Bulls 168, Atlanta Hawks 161
2. 2015: Detroit Pistons 147, Chicago Bulls 144
3. 1984: Chicago Bulls 156, Portland Trail Blazers 155

Incredibly, the Hawks have now been involved of three of those as well, doing so in 2012 and 2017. So the Bulls and Hawks have been involved in the previous three quadruple-overtime games.

Maybe we'll see some more fireworks on Sunday afternoon when the teams play again.

3. Bulls record for most points in a single game

It's pretty ironic that the record for most points by a Bulls team in a single game will be held by a Jim Boylen group, but here we are. The 168 points obliterated the Bulls record for single-game points by 11 points. Here are the top 5.

1. 2019: 168 points (4 OT)
2. 1984: 156 points (4 OT)
3. 1979: 148 points (2 OT)
4. 1983: 147 points (2 OT)
5. 2015: 144 points (4 OT)

And the best part of that stat? The previous record holder, that 1984 Bulls team, went 0-for-0 from beyond the arc when they scored 156 points in a win over the Blazers. Oh, how the times have changed.

4. Bulls record for most 3-pointers in a single game

Of course this record was being toppled. The Bulls have opened up their offense in the last month so of course the 3-pointers were going to be flowing in a four-overtime game. The Bulls connected on 21 triples, shattering their previous record of 18 makes in a game.

1. March 1, 2019 vs. Atlanta: 21
2. Four times: 18
6. Five times: 17
11. Four times: 16

Here's how the 3-pointers broke down for the Bulls:

Otto Porter Jr: 7 of 13
Zach LaVine: 6 of 14
Lauri Markkanen: 3 of 6
Kris Dunn: 3 of 5
Ryan Arcidiacono: 2 of 3

Shaq Harrison (0-for-1), Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot (0-for-2) and Wayne Selden (0-for-4) failed to contribute to the cause but still have their names in the Bulls record book.

The 48 attempts from the Bulls were also a franchise record, toppling the previous mark of 41 attempts.

5. Third time the Bulls have had three 30-point scorers in a single game

This one is pretty impressive.

Zach LaVine had a career-best 47 points, while Lauri Markkanen added 31 and Otto Porter Jr. chipped in 30 points. And in the illustrious history of the Bulls, three 30-point scorers in the same game has happened just two other times.

The first came, unsurprisingly, in the last quadruple-overtime game the Bulls played in against the Pistons in 2015. Jimmy Butler (43), Derrick Rose (34) and Pau Gasol (30) all reached that mark in the 147-144 loss.

Before that it happened on December 17, 1996 against the Lakers, when Scottie Pippen (35), Toni Kukoc (31) and Michael Jordan (30) each reached that mark in an overtime win over the Lakers.

6. Amazingly, no one came close to breaking minutes records

Despite it being the 15th quadruple-overtime game in NBA history, Zach LaVine's 55 minutes and Otto Porter's and Lauri Markkanen's 53 minutes didn't come close to breaking a Bulls record. LaVine, however did enter the top-10.

1. Jimmy Butler, 2014: 60 minutes (3 OT)
2. Ron Mercer, 2001: 58 minutes (3 OT)
3. Dave Greenwood, 1984: 57 minutes (4 OT)
4. Jalen Rose, 2002: 56 minutes (2 OT)
4. Jimmy Butler. 2015: 56 minutes (4 OT)
4. Luol Deng, 2013: 56 minutes (3 OT)
4. Michael Jordan, 1992: 56 minutes (3 OT)
4. Norm Van Lier, 1974: 56 minutes (2 OT)
4. Zach LaVine, 2019: 56 minutes (4 OT)

For what it's worth, LaVine's 56 minutes are tied with Trae Young tonight for the most by any player this season and the most since Paul Millsap and Tim Hardaway logged 60 and 58 minutes, respectively, for the Hawks in their four-overtime win over the New York Knicks in 2017.

Five observations from Bulls-Hornets: Buckle up, it's going to be a bumpy ride

Five observations from Bulls-Hornets: Buckle up, it's going to be a bumpy ride

The Bulls and Hornets matched up four times last season, with the Bulls winning three of the four matchups by single digits. It's safe to say that things have changed quite a bit, especially as long as the Bulls are down three key rotation players.

 After a nail-biting two-point win over the Hornets at the United Center on Wednesday, things came crashing back down to earth in Charlotte.

Here are five observations from the Bulls' loss to the Hornets on Friday night.

1. Sooooo about the defense.....

The Bulls defense had sequences where there they executed well, but even those fleeting moments were usually ruined by Chicago giving up offensive rebounds, in which Charlotte had 11. Much more concerning was the fact that the Bulls gave up 64 points in the paint, showing that perhaps a heavy-switching defense isn’t worth implementing yet......or at all for that matter.

2. Chandler Hutchison gets his first start

The No. 22 overall pick out of Boise State got his first career start tonight, and the results were mixed. He showed off his grab-and-go ability multiple times, leading to some slick assists:

But concerns about his finishing ability and jump shot were not eased by his 0-for-4 effort from the field. To be fair, Hutchison’s new role as a starter meant he spent a decent amount of time sharing the floor with Zach LaVine and Cam “I hit more 3-pointers in a half than MJ” Payne, so we can take the good with the bad for now. The fact that all of his shot attempts were 3-pointers or paint shots is an encouraging start for his offensive game.

3. The minutes leader for the Bulls on the night was....Cristiano Felicio?!

In an interesting turn of events, for the second-straight game Robin Lopez got a DNP-Coach's decision. No Lopez injury has been reported, so it would appear Hoiberg is choosing to go with Felicio and Wendell Carter at the center spot due to the pair having quicker feet and lateral movement, allowing them—theoretically speaking—to be better fits in a switching defense. That plan did not go so well:

Even when the Bulls big men did contain Kemba Walker, no Bulls defender “helped the helper”, meaning that a weak side defender came over late, leading to many layups for the Charlotte bigs. The Hornets played three “true” centers on the night and they shot a combined 58 percent from the field. While it’s fair to say Lopez may have not done much better, it will be intriguing to see if Felicio continues to get minutes. His scoring in the pick-and-roll can be an asset, but not if teams are running him off the floor. But expect to see more of the Brazilian big man, as Hoiberg’s options are incredibly thin right now.

4. Zach LaVine’s 30-points or more scoring streak is over

Zach LaVine was the first Bull since Michael Jordan to open a season with four-straight 30 point games and he was hoping to catch MJ’s record of six-straight 30-point game, but that streak came to a halt on Friday night. LaVine didn’t get many easy shots since no one was setting him up (he tied for the team lead with 4 assists), but his shot chart is another indicator that offensively, he is buying into Hoiberg’s system. Because LaVine’s shot selection will always contain a few heat checks, you’ll live with the occasional poor shooting night (37 percent from the field) as long he is ignoring long mid range shots in favor of getting to the rim or taking a 3-pointer: 

He finished with 20 points and the Bulls will need him to continue to carry the offensive load, with three top-15 offenses on the schedule in their next five games.

5. Fred Hoiberg’s nightmares are filled with explosive, opposing point guards

Speaking of top-15 offenses, Charlotte is 16th in the league in points per game, but you wouldn’t know it from the Hornets 135-point explosion, led by All-Star point guard Walker. He finished with 30 points on 11-for-18 shooting from the field. There was simply nothing the Bulls could do to guard him and not many adjustments were made:

LaVine was often caught going over screens when he should’ve went under, and vice versa, leading to direct paint penetration or 3-point shots from Walker. Felicio has always been surprisingly nimble for a player his size, but if you are counting on Felicio to stay in front of All-Star caliber point may be time to smash the Bulls under odds. Hoiberg seems to be reaching a boiling point, and he let his frustrations be known in his postgame comments:

We’ll leave with well wishes for the Bulls defense, and the big men specifically—even more so if they plan to stick with the switching concept—who will be depended on to be in the right place on defense to help corral Trae Young, Steph Curry and Jamal Murray consecutively, with Curry and Young both already having went for 30+ points this season, welp.

Trae Young grateful for the advice Stacey King has given him: 'He's a legend'

Trae Young grateful for the advice Stacey King has given him: 'He's a legend'

Thursday was all about Trae Young, as the Oklahoma point guard completed his private workout with the Bulls at the Advocate Center.

And during his 11-minute interview with media following that workout, he showered some praise on a fellow Oklahoma hoops star and one of our dear colleagues.

When asked if Bulls color commentator Stacey King had given Young any advice on the draft process, the sharpshooter responded with this:

"I’ve talked to Mr. King. He’s a legend in Oklahoma. We never really talked necessarily about the Bulls but he gave me a lot of advice throughout the season," Young said. "He’s a legend, so anytime I’m able to speak to someone like him I listen and evaluate his opinion. It was great."

Young and King have a connection, of course, as two of the best Sooners to ever lace it up in Norman, Okla.

King was sensational as a senior, averaging 26.0 points and 10.1 rebounds per game and was named the Big 8 Player of the Year.

Many of his single-season scoring records stood until Young came around this past season.

Real recognize real. Good looks, Trae Young.