Torres dealt new, reduced suspension


Torres dealt new, reduced suspension

Raffi Torres, who was suspended 25 games for his hit on Marian Hossa in the playoffs last spring, has had that punishment reduced by four games.The Phoenix Coyotes forward, who had 12 games remaining on his suspension before he appealed the ruling, will now serve eight more games before being eligible to return.Torres delivered a hit to Hossas head during Game 3 of the Blackhawks first-round playoff series against Phoenix. Hossa, who sustained a concussion, was taken off on a stretcher and missed the rest of the Blackhawks brief postseason.The Blackhawks forward was frustrated and angry with Torres actions when he spoke to media in early May. At the time he was struggling to recover from his concussion but time has helped him with that. Both general manager Stan Bowman and coach Joel Quenneville said recently that Hossa is doing much better and has begun his offseason workout program.

NBA Power Rankings: League on pace for best offensive season in decades


NBA Power Rankings: League on pace for best offensive season in decades

The NBA season is off to an explosive start, with offense being the theme so far.

NBA fans have gotten to see great offense from all around the league. Rookie guard Trae Young went off for 35 points, the Pelicans scored 149 points in a (no overtime) game and even well-known downtrodden franchises like the Sacramento Kings have got in on the fun, putting up 131 points in a surprising win over the Thunder. 

If the pace of play keeps up league-wide, the 2018-19 season will end up being an offensive masterpiece, sure to spark change to defensive systems in the ever-evolving NBA.

With the Golden State Warriors still shaking off rust and the Rockets looking weaker, (relatively) new powerhouses like the Raptors and Nuggets have dominated this very early portion of the NBA season.

You can take a look here to see how the new hierarchy is shaping up in this week's NBA Power Rankings. 

NFL Power Rankings Week 8: Jags, Eagles, Bears all see stock fall

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NFL Power Rankings Week 8: Jags, Eagles, Bears all see stock fall

Take a look over the NFC landscape and try to find me a team that can compete with the Rams. 

Packers? Held back by Rodgers' knee and Rodgers' coach. Saints? Might not even win their own division. Washington? Does Alex Smith really scare anyone in the playoffs? 

The Rams have one of the easier paths to the Championship Round/Super Bowl that we've seen in some time. Will it likely stay that way? Probably not. But there's a difference between parity and mediocrity and right now the NFC is toeing the line HARD. 

Outside the NFC's "elite", how did your team do this week? 

You can take a look here and see where they landed.