Under Center Podcast: Bears vs Rams postgame recap: From winning ugly to losing ugly


After pulling out close wins in recent weeks, the Bears struggle on Monday Night Football losing to the Rams 24-10 dropping to 5-2. JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis discuss the ugly loss, the struggling offense, should Matt Nagy continue to call plays for the Bears, and are the Bears going to waste the defense again.

(1:20) - Brian Griese quote's Nick Foles about Matt Nagy

(8:57) - Does Nick Foles have a point if he did say that to Brian Griese?

(16:40) - Why doesn't Matt Nagy's offense does not work?

(23:15) - Opponent defenses know Bears will make mistakes

(30:20) - Bears punt returns were awful vs. the Rams

(37:25) - If Mitch Trubisky played like Nick Foles vs. the Rams he would be crushed

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