Under Center Podcast: Russell Wilson talk trade with Joe Fann of NBCS Northwest


For Bears fans, Russell Wilson would be the ultimate prize, but is it a pipe dream? Ken Davis and Alex Shapiro are joined by NBCS Northwest Seahawks insider Joe Fann (he's a real person) as they get the details on what Wilson wants, if he’s open to staying, and Wilson may see in the Bears. Later in the podcast, the Under Center crew breaks down the what-if scenarios in case the Bears don't get Wilson, and if Ryan Pace can still save his job if he can't get a good enough quarterback. Plus, #CongratsJJ on his new gig with the Colts.

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(1:15) - How do you get from "Let Russ Cook" to Russell wanting to leave?

(9:30) - What is the friction between Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson?

(14:00) - What would it take to get Wilson and do the Bears have what the Seahawks would be looking for?

(22:00) - Should the Seahawks just start the rebuild and trade Wilson

(25:00) - Should Bears fans be disappointed if Wilson isn't a Bear?

(28:30) - Could Ryan Pace trade up in the draft to take another QB?

(36:00) - Will Bears fans be ok with Nick Foles and a drafted QB going into next season?

(49:30) - #CongratsJJ

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