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Hendriks explains hot mic: ‘Makes for some interesting TV’

White Sox
USA Today

DENVER – White Sox closer Liam Hendriks thought about taking off his mic and earpiece partway through his All-Star outing Tuesday. He couldn’t hear the FOX broadcasters on the other end.

He didn’t realize they – and a national television audience – could hear him.

“I would have been a little more conscious of (my word choice) if I had heard them back,” Hendriks said. “And it all turned out the volume was too low. Probably my fault. Probably user error. Makes for some interesting TV, I’m sure. Hopefully the bleeping guy was on point.”

If the bleeping guy exists, he had the night off. That’s the magic of live TV.

“My wife likes to call it ‘white line fever,’” Hendriks said. “So, I’m jovial and tend to be a little more go-with-the-flow and joking around off the field. On the field, she likes to call it, me being closer to a psychopath than a normal person. I have to kind of agree with her. I tend to get a little animated out there and throw some expletives around. I have fun out there, that’s the biggest thing.”

While dropping a few expletives, Hendriks earned the save in the American League squad’s 5-2 win over the National League.

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