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8 best moves Hahn has made in 8 years as Sox GM

Sox Reporter

Rick Hahn was named the White Sox general manager eight years ago this week.

His tenure has undoubtedly been a tale of two halves, the second taken up by a rebuilding process that has put the team on the precipice of a new winning era.

So when looking at his finest moves as the team’s GM, it should be no surprise that the list is packed with ones of a more recent vintage, the ones that have seemingly set the White Sox up for long-term success and perennial championship contention.

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Hahn has big moves in front of him, too, ones that could dictate whether or not the White Sox reach the ultimate goal of a World Series title. He’s currently on the hunt for a new manager. An important winter of player movement will follow.

But right now, with the White Sox fresh off a season that saw them soar out of rebuilding mode and into contention mode, click here for a look at Hahn’s eight best moves in his eight years on the job.

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