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Coop joined 'Dancing for Dubs' and went full Travolta

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"Coop, we’ll have to work on that one," Zack Collins said Wednesday. "That would be a tough one to get in there, but maybe we can convince him one day."

One day came sooner than expected for Collins and "Dancing for Dubs."

The White Sox young catcher, along with teammate Danny Mendick, has unleashed a new social-media tradition this season, posting videos of post-victory dances on social media.

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It started earlier this season, at the beginning of the White Sox first six-game win streak of the year, as a fun thing from Collins and Mendick. But as the wins have kept coming for the surging South Siders, the two have roped special guests into the videos, usually teammates who played a big role in that day's win.

Well, "Dancing For Dubs" got an all-timer of a guest after Saturday's win over the Crosstown-rival Cubs: pitching coach Don Cooper.

Yes, the 64-year-old White Sox mainstay — he's been the team's pitching coach since 2002, the year Collins turned seven — was dancing with the boys, and Twitter got to see it in all its glory.

You'll notice the soundtrack got the turn-back-the-clock treatment, with Chuck Berry's "You Never Can Tell" setting the stage for Cooper's "Pulp Fiction" moves. Cooper picked the song. Collins admitted he has never seen the movie, which came out the year before he was born. The song is decades older than that, but an absolute classic.


"He told us after we got (first-base coach Daryl Boston) on that he's going to join one day, and I guess last night he was feeling frisky," Collins said.

It just goes to show you never can tell.

Cooper went full Travolta with his moves, earning a perfect 10 from next-day judge Rick Renteria.

As for when we could see the skipper get in on the fun with Collins and Mendick?

"If we clinch playoffs, he's dancing," Collins said.

But Collins has an even bigger guest in mind.

"I'm not trying to speak too far in advance, but if we win the World Series, Jerry's got to dance, right?"

The social-media shenanigans are an extension of the fun these White Sox are having on the field and in the dugout, meshing perfectly with Tim Anderson's on-field swagger, Eloy Jiménez' frequent high jinks and José Abreu's top-step ribbing any time Edwin Encarnación does ... well, anything.

In a time where the game's personalities are beginning to be celebrated, the White Sox are chock full of them, putting them at the forefront of baseball's have-fun movement.

"We have a really good group of guys," Mendick said. "It's fun to be a part of, it's fun to be on a team like that. All the hype that happened in the offseason, it's finally starting to pay off. Sixty games, it's a sprint, but anything can happen and I think we're all excited to get out there and hopefully make a playoff push and get out there and show what we're about.

"We're pretty dangerous, and we're going to have fun doing it."

Winning, of course, helps. And the reason these guys are dancing is because of the "dubs," which the White Sox have rattled off in seven straight contests heading into Sunday's series-finale at Wrigley Field.

Who guest starts on "Dancing for Dubs" if the South Siders complete the sweep of their North Side rivals? That's why the postgame dances are becoming must-see social content.

"We're getting a lot of positive and negative attention," Mendick joked. "There's definitely some people that have come at us about our dance moves, but that's not really what it's about. It's more about just having fun, getting everyone involved. And there's a lot of people who really do enjoy it. So that's what we're trying to do. ... We're trying to take this new energy, this new vibe that the team's bringing and rolling with it."

"Without fans in the stands, we've got to find a way to connect with them," Collins said.

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