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Eloy wants 'to dominate the league' with teammates again

White Sox

Watching White Sox games this year has come with a mixed bag of emotions for Eloy Jiménez. On one hand, it’s been tough. Jiménez admitted that watching the team play can make him sad sometimes, since he can’t be out there alongside his teammates. But on the other hand, Jiménez has been happy to watch the team win and expand on a healthy lead in the division over Cleveland.

No matter how he’s doing on any given day however, the one feeling that has yet to surface is surprise in his team’s success.

“I never doubt my team, because we put the work in at Spring Training,” Jiménez said. “I know we’re missing a couple of players— a lot of players— who are good players. That’s why today, we’re in first place, eight games up, it’s impressive. But at the same time, I know they can do that, so for me it was like, ‘Ok, good.’ Because that’s what we want. We want to dominate the league. So it’s good to see the guys, how they’re playing right now.”

That desire to dominate the league with his teammates again has led to yet another emotion for Jiménez as he gears up for his rehab assignment in Winston-Salem: excitement.

“I always want to do my part,” Jiménez said. “But that has given me a little bit of excitement, because the way they’re playing right now is how we were playing last year. Or, better than last year. Because last year I think we had the whole lineup. This year it’s been a little bit of a struggle, less a couple of players, but they’re still winning. For me, that’s a sign, it’s exciting the way they’re playing right now.”


Finally, Jiménez said he’s been able to learn a bit from watching the games from afar. What he’s learned has led to one last feeling for Jiménez, too.

“I’ve learned something, that if you play the right way, we can win games. Even when we don’t have the complete lineup, we’re still winning games. That’s been inspiring to me.”

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