White Sox

White Sox

Former Boston Red Sox and White Sox pitcher Bobby Jenks has won a $5.1 million dollar settlement with Massachusetts General Hospital and Dr. Kirkham Wood.


Jenks had a brief, yet successful MLB career, collecting a 2005 World Series ring with the White Sox. Jenks career ended in 2011 after further injury issues, which it turned out were caused by Dr. Wood’s surgery.  

In December 2011, Jenks had spinal decompression surgery at MGH and was told that while the surgery does not guarantee anything, it was his best chance to return to the league.

However, in the aftermath of the three-hour surgery, Jenks experienced painful headaches and issues with leaking spinal fluid.

Jenks filed to sue Dr. Kirkham Wood and MGH in 2015 after learning that there was a second surgery that Dr. Wood was overseeing as his surgery was going on.

In a recent interview Jenks stated, “I want this to be spread everywhere and known by everybody.....What they practiced at the hospital was unsafe and should not be done anywhere.”

Jenks has said he plans to use the $5.1 million from the settlement to teach the general public about the great dangers connected to concurrent surgery.