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Now here's something you probably never thought you'd see.

The White Sox announced Wednesday that as part of the season-long farewell tribute to retiring broadcaster Hawk Harrelson that fans will receive a special Hawk-themed bobblehead on May 19. Just one catch: May 19 is Star Wars night, so the bobblehead is a mashup between the Hawk and the coolest scoundrel in the galaxy, Han Solo.

Yes, Hawk Solo is now a thing.


Harrelson might or might not be a Star Wars fan, but the only way this bobblehead could be better is if it talked — like the one the White Sox handed out at SoxFest — spouting out a mashup of some of Hawk and Han's best lines.

The possibilities are endless:

— "What are you doin' Jabba?!?"

— "You ain't never heard of the Millennium Falcon? I tell you what, it’s the ship that made the Kessel Run in under 12 dadgum parsecs! Mercy!"

— "NO! That's not how the Force works!"

— "Under the circumstances, I am the best pilot the galaxy has EVER seen!"

— "Laugh it up, Stone Pony!"


— "Let me tell you 'bout the time me and ol' Yaz were haulin' Rathtars."

— "May the Force be with yooooou ... YES!"

Bottom line: Go out and get yourself a Hawk Solo bobblehead on May 19. Then spend the next several decades arguing whether Hawk shot first.