White Sox

Is MLB World Series hashtag sign of good things to come for Sox?

White Sox

Looks like the White Sox are finally getting their due respect from MLB. As the league’s Twitter handle got fans ready for the playoffs to start on Wednesday, it appeared the official World Series hashtag would show the White Sox logo.

Let’s be honest, it’s a mistake that MLB will likely fix soon-- if they haven’t already by the time you’re reading this-- but maybe it’s a sign of things to come for the White Sox. In a highly superstitious sport, this little mix up may be just the thing to push a team over the top.

If you’re not into superstition, there are plenty of other reasons to believe the White Sox can make a deep run into the playoffs.

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Sure, the team struggled down the stretch, but a lot of those struggles came as the team rearranged its starting rotation to make sure Lucas Giolito and Dallas Keuchel were ready to go for the first two games of the Wild Card Series against the Oakland A’s. Those two pitchers give the White Sox a chance to hang in any ball game.

On the other side, the A’s will trot out a left-hander in Jesús Luzardo for Game 1 on Tuesday. It’s been well-documented how well the White Sox hit left-handed pitching, but it’s worth repeating for the playoff push. Over the 60-game season the White Sox slashed .285/.364/.523 against lefties as a team, according to FanGraphs. Those numbers were good for the second/second/first ranks in all of MLB.


If the White Sox make it past the A’s (and avoid the Indians) no other team will want to face the White Sox lineup either. Their 96 homers led the A.L., while their .261 average was second only to the Red Sox. That balanced approach wears on opposing pitching staffs, and is probably one of the factors why the White Sox scored 95 runs in the 7th inning or later, according to FanGraphs, more than any other team in the league.

So could this hashtag gaffe actually portend things to come? We’ll all find out starting Tuesday afternoon.