White Sox

MLB Power Rankings: Unprecedented season nears chaotic end

White Sox

This is it. We’ve hit the final week of Major League Baseball’s 2020 regular season. With the difficult circumstances brought on due to COVID-19, it’s a big accomplishment that MLB has reached this point, after several early scary outbreaks, nonetheless.

It’s fitting the postseason picture is undecided in the season’s waning days, after MLB expanded the field to 16 teams for 2020. Entering Wednesday, only the A’s, Dodgers and Braves have clinched their division, though the Cubs and Rays are closing in.

The cramped picture isn’t a surprise due to the expanded field, giving more teams an opportunity to reach the postseason. It’s added an extra element of chaos, making what’s sure to be an exciting final few days.

Here’s how the league stacks up with less than a week until the postseason:


MLB Power Rankings 2020

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