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José Abreu thanks mom, Robin, Ricky and more for MVP win

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José Abreu is a proud mama's boy.

So it was no surprise that his mom got repeated shoutouts after the White Sox first baseman won the American League MVP Award on Thursday night.

"My mom. That's the meaning of this award, my mom," he said through team interpreter Billy Russo. "She's the biggest thing that ever happened to me, and she's why I do every single thing every day. She's my motivation. I respect who she is because it's because of her that I am who I am."

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Abreu's made a habit of name-dropping his mom during interviews, no surprise considering what a big part of his life she is. Back in 2017, he admitted why he didn't like taking days off during the season: "My mom is not happy when I'm not playing."

During the 2020 campaign, when Abreu's name lodged itself into the MVP conversation, he brushed off the possibility of winning the award by claiming he'd already won a better one: "What’s important is that I am my mom’s MVP every single day, and that’s what matters for me."

Those quotes warmed hearts all over Twitter. And Abreu was back at it Thursday.

"Now, my mom can really say that she has an MVP as a son," he said in the White Sox announcement, "and she can keep saying that I am her MVP."



But Abreu's mom wasn't the only one receiving big shoutouts as Abreu unleashed an Academy Award-esque list of thank yous, tracing his way back through his seven-year tenure on the South Side.

"I have to be thankful for a lot of people," Abreu said. "As a human being, I think nobody does anything by themselves. You always have people helping you. And for me, it all started with Robin Ventura, he was my first manager in the majors and he taught me a lot. Same thing with Ricky (Renteria). I owe Ricky a lot.

"And my teammates. I have a lot of teammates who have helped me throughout my career: Jose Quintana, Chris Sale, John Danks, Adam Dunn. And that’s something you have to acknowledge because I wouldn’t have been able to do this without their help."

Abreu also made sure to thank team chairman Jerry Reinsdorf, who he has thanked many times over the years when praising the White Sox organization.

"This is not a one-man award. There are a lot of people that help you to get to this point and to win an award like this," Abreu said. "That’s why I want to thank, again, Ricky Renteria, Super Joe (White Sox bench coach Joe McEwing), all the coaches, my teammates and especially — and probably one of the most important people in my life — Jerry Reinsdorf.

"Jerry was the person that gave me the chance, gave me the confidence to play with this team and come back and let me show what I did this year."

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