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NBC Sports Chicago to air 2005 White Sox season and World Series run

NBC Sports Chicago to air 2005 White Sox season and World Series run

Chicago, IL (March 23, 2020) – NBC Sports Chicago has announced additional pro game replacement programming as the network will be re-airing 70 victories from the 2005 Chicago White Sox World Series Championship season, which will also include replays of every American League Division Series, American League Championship Series and World Series game.  

Beginning this Thursday, March 26 at 4:00 PM CT, NBC Sports Chicago will take viewers back to Opening Day 2005 when White Sox hosted the AL Central rival Cleveland Indians.  Every day from March 26 through April 16, NBC Sports Chicago will carry a 2005 White Sox “Classic” game telecast at 4:00 PM CT, which will lead into the network’s previously announced 7:00 PM nightly schedule of either a 2010 Stanley Cup Championship Blackhawks “Classic” game or a 1996 NBA Championship Bulls “Classic” game. Beginning April 17 through June 3, White Sox “Classics” will then air nightly at 7:00 PM. Authenticated NBC Sports Chicago subscribers can also stream every “Classic” match-up online via NBCSportsChicago.com/WatchLive. NOTES: Game replays will only be made available to viewers within NBC Sports Chicago’s designated viewing territory; schedule subject to change).

2005 Chicago White Sox CLASSICS Schedule – NBC Sports Chicago/NBCSportsChicago.com                                      
 AIR DATE               TIME            OPPONENT                 2005 GAME DATE                                                
Regular Season                          
Thu, Mar 26           4:00 pm         vs. Cleveland                (4/4/05)
Fri, Mar 27             4:00 pm         @ Minnesota                 (4/9/05)            
Sat, Mar 28            4:00 pm         @ Cleveland                 (4/11/05)
Sun, Mar 29           4:00 pm         @ Cleveland                  (4/13/05)
Mon, Mar 30          4:00 pm         vs. Minnesota                (4/19/05)
Tue, Mar 31           4:00 pm         @ Detroit                      (4/20/05)
Wed, Apr 1            4:00 pm         @ Kansas City              (4/23/05)
Thu, Apr 2             4:00 pm         @ Oakland                    (4/25/05)
Fri, Apr 3               4:00 pm         vs. Detroit                     (5/1/05)
Sat, Apr 4              4:00 pm         vs. Kansas City             (5/4/05)
Sun, Apr 5             4:00 pm         vs. Kansas City             (5/5/05)
Mon, Apr 6             4:00 pm         @ Toronto                     (5/6/05)
Tue, Apr 7             4:00 pm         @ Toronto                     (5/8/05)
Wed, Apr 8            4:00 pm         @ Tampa Bay               (5/11/05)
Thu, Apr 9             4:00 pm         vs. Baltimore                 (5/13/05)
Fri, Apr 10             4:00 pm         vs. Texas                      (5/17/05)
Sat, Apr 11            4:00 pm         @ LA Angels                 (5/24/05)
Sun, Apr 12           4:00 pm         @ LA Angels                 (5/25/05)
Mon, Apr 13           4:00 pm         vs. LA Angels                (5/31/05)
Tue, Apr 14           4:00 pm         @ Colorado                   (6/6/05)
Wed, Apr 15          4:00 pm         @ Colorado                   (6/8/05)
Thu, Apr 16           4:00 pm         @ San Diego                 (6/10/05)
Fri, Apr 17             7:00 pm         @ San Diego                 (6/12/05)
Sat, Apr 18            7:00 pm         vs. Arizona                    (6/15/05)
Sun, Apr 19           7:00 pm         vs. LA Dodgers              (6/17/05)
Mon, Apr 20           7:00 pm         vs. Kansas City             (6/21/05)
Tue, Apr 21           7:00 pm         vs. Kansas City             (6/22/05)
Wed, Apr 22          7:00 pm         @ Detroit                      (6/28/05)
Thu, Apr 23           7:00 pm         @ Detroit                      (6/29/05)
Fri, Apr 24             7:00 pm         @ Detroit                      (6/30/05)
Sat, Apr 25            7:00 pm         vs. Tampa Bay              (7/4/05)
Sun, Apr 26           7:00 pm         vs. Tampa Bay              (7/6/05)
Mon, Apr 27           7:00 pm         @ Cleveland                  (7/15/05)
Tue, Apr 28           7:00 pm         @ Cleveland                  (7/17/05)
Wed, Apr 29          7:00 pm         vs. Boston                     (7/22/05)
Thu, Apr 30           7:00 pm         @ Baltimore                  (8/1/05)
Fri, May 1              7:00 pm         vs. Toronto                    (8/4/05)
Sat, May 2             7:00 pm         vs. Seattle                     (8/6/05)
Sun, May 3            7:00 pm         @ NY Yankees              (8/9/05)
Mon May 4            7:00 pm         vs. NY Yankees             (8/21/05)
Tue, May 5            7:00 pm         @ Minnesota                 (8/24/05)
Wed, May 6           7:00 pm         @ Minnesota                 (8/25/05)
Thu, May 7            7:00 pm         @ Texas - Gm 2            (8/30/05)
Fri, May 8              7:00 pm         vs. Detroit                     (9/1/05)
Sat, May 9             7:00 pm         vs. Detroit                     (9/2/05)
Sun, May 10          7:00 pm         vs. Detroit                     (9/4/05)
Mon, May 11          7:00 pm         @ Boston                      (9/5/05)
Tue, May 12          7:00 pm         vs. Kansas City             (9/6/05)
Wed, May 13         7:00 pm         vs. Kansas City             (9/7/05)
Thu, May 14          7:00 pm         @ Kansas City              (9/13/05)
Fri, May 15            7:00 pm         @ Minnesota                 (9/18/05)
Sat, May 16           7:00 pm         vs. Cleveland                 (9/20/05)
Sun, May 17          7:00 pm         vs. Minnesota                (9/23/05)
Mon, May 18          7:00 pm         vs. Minnesota                (9/25/05)
Tue, May 19          7:00 pm         @ Detroit                      (9/28/05)
Wed, May 20         7:00 pm         @ Detroit                      (9/29/05)
Thu, May 21          7:00 pm         @ Cleveland                  (9/30/05)
Fri, May 22            7:00 pm         @ Cleveland                  (10/2/05)
American League Division Series                                       
Sat, May 23           7:00 pm         vs. Boston - Game 1           (10/4/05)
Sun, May 24          7:00 pm         vs. Boston - Game 2           (10/5/05)
Mon, May 25          7:00 pm         at Boston - Game 3             (10/7/05)
American League Championship Series                             
Tue, May 26          7:00 pm         vs. LA Angels - Game 1      (10/11/05)
Wed, May 27         7:00 pm         vs. LA Angels - Game 2      (10/12/05)
Thu, May 28          7:00 pm         at LA Angels - Game 3        (10/14/05)
Fri, May 29            7:00 pm         at LA Angels - Game 4        (10/15/05)
Sat, May 30           7:00 pm         at LA Angels - Game 5        (10/16/05)
World Series         
Sun, May 31          7:00 pm         vs. Houston - Game 1         (10/22/05)
Mon, June 1           7:00 pm         vs. Houston - Game 2         (10/23/05)
Tue, June 2           7:00 pm         at Houston - Game 3          (10/25/05)
Wed, June 3          7:00 pm         at Houston - Game 4          (10/26/05)

Schedule Subject to Change

Complete schedule can also be found at NBCSportsChicago.com/SoxRewind

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MLB The Show: White Sox win extra-innings battle vs. Royals, reach .500 mark

MLB The Show: White Sox win extra-innings battle vs. Royals, reach .500 mark

NBC Sports Chicago is simulating the 2020 White Sox season via MLB The Show during the postponement of play. The White Sox, stocked with young talent and veteran offseason acquisitions, were expected to take a big step forward in their rebuild this season. Follow along as we play out the first few months of the season.

Result: White Sox def. Royals, 10-5
Record: 31-31, 3rd in A.L. Central (2.5 GB of Twins and Indians)

W: Jimmy Cordero (4-0)
L: Tim Hill (0-1)

Game summary: After an Alex Colome blown save in the ninth with a 5-3 lead, the White Sox again looked to their extra-inning hero, Yasmani Grandal, to come up clutch in the 11th inning. Grandal’s RBI single opened the flood gates as the White Sox scored five in the 11th to take a 10-5 lead. 

The White Sox were led Wednesday by Luis Robert, who had his best game at the plate in a Sox uniform, going 4-for-6 with a double and two RBIs. The 3-7 lineups spots produced 12 hits and seven of the 10 RBIs. 

The turning point for the Sox offense came in the seventh, when Yoan Moncada broke the 3-3 tie with a solo home run to left field. The next inning, Grandal doubled to center field to give the South Siders a 5-3 lead heading into the ninth. Grandal’s .328 average ranks seventh in the American League, as he and Edwin Encarnacion battle for the team's best batting average on a daily basis.

With a win Wednesday, the White Sox returned to .500 after sliding to more than 10 games under .500 in the opening months of the season. As the Twins' skid continues, the White Sox have drawn within 2 1/2 games of the division lead.

White Sox lineup:

Edwin Encarnacion: 1-4, 2B, 2 BB (.327 BA)
Eloy Jimenez: 1-6 (.266 BA)
Yoan Moncada: 2-6, HR, 2 RBI (.259 BA)
Nick Madrigal: 2-6, 2B (.259 BA)
Jose Abreu: 2-6, 2 RBI (.313 BA)
Tim Anderson: 2-6, RBI, 2B (.295 BA)
Luis Robert: 4-6, 2 RBI, 2B (.251 BA)
Yasmani Grandal: 2-4, 3 RBI, 2 2B (.328 BA)
Nomar Mazara: 1-3, 2B, 2 BB (.252 BA)

Scoring summary:

Bottom second:

Salvador Perez doubled to left field, Hunter Dozier scored. 1-0 KC.

Top fourth:

Luis Robert doubled to right field, Nick Madrigal scored. 1-1.

Bottom fourth:

Jorge Soler homered to center field. 2-1 KC.

Top sixh:

Robert singled to center field, Madrigal scored. 2-2.
Yasmani Grandal sacrifice fly to center field, Jose Abreu scored. 3-2 CHW.

Bottom sixh:

Perez grounded out to third base, Dozier scored. 3-3.

Top seventh:

Yoan Moncada homered to left field. 4-3 CHW.

Top eighth:

Grandal doubled to left field, Tim Anderson scored. 5-3 CHW.

Bottom ninth:

Perez homered to left field, Dozier scored. 5-5.

Top 11th:

Grandal doubled to left field, Robert scored. 6-5 CHW.
Moncada singled to right field, Grandal scored. 7-5 CHW.
Abreu singled to left field, Nomar Mazara and Edwin Encarnacion scored. 9-5 CHW.
Anderson singled to center field, Moncada scored. 10-5 CHW.

Notable performance: Jimmy Cordero picked up his fourth win of the season and continues to have the best ERA in the White Sox bullpen (2.58). Cordero was electric Wednesday, coming in for two innings of work and striking out four Royals on the way to the extra-innings victory.

Next game: Thursday, June 4 - Game 63: White Sox at Royals (Dylan Cease, 3-4, 6.00 ERA vs TBD)

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Tim Anderson calls out MLB commish Rob Manfred with 2020 season up in the air

Tim Anderson calls out MLB commish Rob Manfred with 2020 season up in the air

Will there be baseball in 2020? It's a question that's still without an answer.

And folks are getting restless.

As mad as baseball fans might be over hearing the latest from the negotiations between Major League Baseball and the players' union, the guys sitting at home waiting to hear when they'll go back to work are irritated, too.

White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson vented Wednesday, following word that the league had rejected the players' latest proposal for a shortened season, taking aim at commissioner Rob Manfred on Twitter.

RELATED: MLB rejects players' 114-game proposal, making 50-game season look possible

As team owners continue to insist they'd be unable to pay players the full prorated salaries they agreed to in March, the players are adamant they haven't yet seen enough economic proof of that claim to warrant agreeing to another pay cut.

In the absence of an agreement with the players' union, the league could take the step of implementing a season of roughly 50 games, preventing players from earning more money on a per-game basis and robbing fans of a whole lot of baseball.

Even with some players expressing concerns over playing during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many have stated how eager they are to get back to work.

While simultaneously saying that it's been tough to think about baseball during the nationwide protests over the police killings of Black people in the wake of George Floyd's murder in Minnesota, Anderson said Monday that he is itching to get back on the field.

"I think this problem is bigger than baseball at the moment," he said. "But can’t wait to get back out there when the time is right."

We'll have to wait and see if and when he'll have that chance.

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