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Old Comiskey Park included in new MLB: The Show game

White Sox

Ever dreamed of hitting a roof shot at the Old Comiskey Park? Now you’ll have the chanceー at least in a video game. In a Twitch video, San Diego Studio, the developers for MLB: The Show, revealed the former home of the White Sox will be included in the next iteration of the game.

Comiskey Park’s inclusion is part of the game’s six new “era specific” stadiums. Specifically, the version included is Comiskey Park from 1911-1951. That means it won’t be exactly the same stadium where Ron Kittle and Dick Allen hit balls onto the roof, it’ll be the place where all-time greats like Lou Gehrig and Ted Williams launched moon shots.

In addition, Chicago’s old South Side Park will be available for players. The dates for that stadium in the game are 1929-1931, so at that point it was the home of the Negro Leagues team, the Chicago American Giants.

The other era specific stadiums are Kansas City’s Muehlebach Field; Darby, Pennsylvania’s Hilldale Park; Pittsburgh’s Forbes Field and Indianapolis’ Bush Stadium.

MLB: The Show 23 will be released on Mar. 28.

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