White Sox

Over 75 MLB players to donate game checks to help Black communities

White Sox

Following calls to action from athletes across the country, The Players Alliance will honor Jackie Robinson day by donating their game salaries.

What a way to commemorate the man who broke baseball’s color barrier.

The Players Alliance is an organization of 124 Black current and former MLB players “focused on building equitable systems in order to change the trajectory of diversity throughout baseball.” The organization sponsors several programs to serve the Black community, including baseball mentorship, donating gear and promoting Negro Leagues Appreciation Day.

White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson and Cubs outfielder Jason Heyward both sit on the organization’s advisory board. Jeremy Jeffress and Carl Edwards Jr. are also members.

“Saying something without doing something is not enough,” the organization’s website says. “Together, we are sharing our voices on social media with specific call-to-actions, as we work together to keep the momentum towards change going.”