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Ozzie Guillén hates the idea of robot umpires, strike zones

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Baseball is changing. Universal designated hitter. Pitch clocks. Robot umpires and strike zones.

The latter has been bandied about for years and particularly in the aftermath of bad calls from umpires. Notably former Chicago Cubs infielder Ben Zobrist was once ejected in 2018 for telling an umpire "that's why we want an electronic strike zone."

More recently Philadelphia Phillies manager Joe Girardi said he "wouldn't mind" an automated strike zone in the wake of Kyle Schwarber's ejection for arguing a missed call by umpire Angel Hernandez.

For the record, Schwarber is not a fan of an electronic strike zone. And former White Sox manager Ozzie Guillén hates the idea of robot umpires as well.

"Whoever come up with this idea is all about money or it's about ignorance," Guillén said. "You know why? Because I remember they went to strike when I was a player and we was begging those guy to come back.

"I know umpires, they're human beings, they make mistakes. They the umpire being hated by everyone. Right side, left side, upside. Everywhere you go, umpires hated. That's part of the game.

"But in the meanwhile, guys, that's very stupid. What what we're trying to do? Hurry up, pitch quick. Do this. No, no, three, three innings."


Guillén likes some changes. He loves the man on second base in extra innings because it saves the pitching staff and he wishes doubleheaders stayed seven innings.

"I don't see this thing work, period." Guillén added. "I don't care what people say, what year, minor league, they can do whatever they want with the minor league.

"It's Clark, Tony Clark. Let this thing happen. You should quit. You should walk away. Yes, because we're playing baseball.

"This is our tradition. This is umpires is a big part of the game. Some umpires think (fans) come to see them. I know that. But come on, bro."

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