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Ozzie clears up comments on TA sitting in doubleheader

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Ozzie Guillen will not STFU. In fact, he’s standing by his assertion that Tim Anderson should be an everyday player in the White Sox lineup.

“You know me – I’m sorry he feels that way about what I say,” Guillen said on 670TheScore on Wednesday morning. “To me, it’s hard to do my job being mute. I just made an observation as a baseball analyst. I don’t think I disrespected anyone.”

A little social media spat began on Tuesday night when Guillen said a player of Anderson’s caliber should play all the time.

“Sometimes we’re babysitting players, so much,” Guillen said on Tuesday night. “I understand with José (Abreu), yes. But with TA? I don’t want to say TA is going to be Ozzie Guillen, because Ozzie Guillen wishes he was TA, but when you’re young like that, you play the game. You better play every day.”

Anderson took umbrage to that remark, writing in a since deleted tweet, “Ozzie need to stfu sometimes…”

But telling Guillen to shut it is like telling the sun not to rise.

“I never lie to the fans,” said Guillen on 670TheScore. “To be honest with you, never did, never will. Even when I got myself in trouble a lot as a manager.

“He’s not going to change me, because I don’t lie. I got to say what I think people need to hear about it.”


That’s not the point Guillen wants to make however. On the radio he wanted to drive home his belief that Anderson needs to play because he is so integral to their success.

“This kid is a tremendous ballplayer,” Guillen said. “I love the way he always plays. He plays hard … To me, he’s one of the best players ever to wear that uniform without question.

“The only thing I can say is if you don’t like what I say, I’m sorry, but I’m not going to change my thought. I always wish him the best. He’s a very exciting baseball player … This kid is a big key for them to win. The expectations of this ballclub is very high. And I think without him, they’re not going to win it. There’s no doubt about it.”

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