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Ozzie Guillen won't stand for your slander


Ozzie Guillen won't stand for your slander

Ozzie Guillen could write 20 books full of memories from the annual Crosstown series between the Cubs and White Sox, he said, but one expletive-filled story would definitely get the nod for Chapter 1.

In the May 2007 edition of the Addison-Sox/35th Red Line showdown, Guillen called into 670 The Score to defend his sitting of A.J Pierzynski in a 6-3 loss to the Cubs to host Mike North, who was arguing in Pierzynski's favor. 

Unassuming of what Guillen had in store, North started the call by asking the manager how he was doing.

Mike North: "How ya' doin Ozzie?"
Ozzie Guillen: "Aw, shut the f___ up."

After dropping a few more choice four-letter words, North explained that Pierzynski is disappointed with being benched to which Guillen responded, “I don’t care what A.J. thinks.”

After a few more futile attempts by North to stop Guillen from making the FCC knock on his door, the then White Sox manager hangs up.

Radio sports hosts are infamous for their various hot takes — so why was Guillen listening and why did he call in? He was in the car with his kids, wanted to hear what people were saying about the series and decided his own two-cents as the team’s decision maker needed to be heard. 

Guillen relived the memory in a special Crosstown rival podcast.

“I remember my kids were with me in the car, saying ‘Please dad, don’t do it,’” Guillen said in the podcast.

Later that day, North later showed up in Guillen’s office before the game with a bag of candy as a peace offering. Guillen’s response? “Get out of my office right now.”

He defended his argument by saying he would even go to jail for “10 days or 100 years” to be able to say what he wants.

“When you work in radio or tv, you can have your own opinion, and people have to respect the opinions you have. That’s living in the United States of America.”

We’ll be here waiting for those books, Ozzie. 

Lucas Giolito’s most impressive feat of 2019

Lucas Giolito’s most impressive feat of 2019

From the highest ERA in the Majors in 2018 to an All-Star appearance in 2019, Lucas Giolito had a season that nobody could’ve imagined possible.

As Giolito worked a pair of shutout masterpieces during the season, you knew you were watching something special. Then as the season unfolded, for the first time in MLB history four teams reached the finish line with at least 100 wins.

The White Sox, at 72 wins certainly were not among the ranks of the 100-win teams.

But the Astros and Twins both DID reach 100 wins, and something else those teams have in common is a 2019 shutout defeat at the hands of Giolito. Not only were those complete game shutouts the only ones thrown against those teams this past season, but they were the only complete game shutouts tossed against a 100-win team PERIOD. Nobody hurled a CG shutout against the Yankees and nobody pulled it off against the Dodgers.

So Lucas Giolito was the only pitcher in 2019 to toss a complete game shutout against a team that finished the season with 100 or more wins.

But let’s take it a bit further.

From 2012-2019 there were 12 teams who won at least 100 games in a season. And there were only five combined complete game shutouts against those teams. Giolito owns two of the five; Sean Manaea (against the 2018 Red Sox), Luis Severino (against the 2018 Astros) and Jason Vargas (against the 2017 Indians) have the other three.

Going back even further, from 2000 to present, 26 teams won 100 games in a season and there were 25 combined complete game shutouts tossed against those teams. Lucas Giolito & Jason Vargas (2017 vs. Indians and 2011 vs. Phillies) are the only two pitchers to have more than one. But Giolito is the only one to do it twice in a season.

To find the last pitcher with two shutouts against eventual 100-win teams in the same season, you need to go back to 1999 when José Jiménez of the Cardinals did it against the 100-62 Diamondbacks, which in itself is impressive given that Jiménez was only 5-14 with a 5.85 ERA that season. But Jiménez had both of his against the same team. What about the last pitcher to toss complete game shutouts against MULTIPLE 100-win teams in the same season?

Well, the last time THAT happened was 1980, when both Larry Gura and Moose Haas had one shutout apiece against the 103-59 Yankees and the 100-62 Orioles. Gura’s shutout against the Orioles came against eventual 1980 Cy Young Award winner Steve Stone.

As far as White Sox history is concerned, Giolito was the first White Sox pitcher to toss a CG shutout against an eventual 100-win team since both Melido Perez & Eric King shut out the 103-59 Athletics in 1990. And before that, Steve Trout had one apiece in both 1979 (against the 102-57 Orioles) and 1980 (against the 103-59 Yankees). But for the last time a White Sox pitcher did it twice in the same season, it’s Tom Bradley, who remarkably blanked the 101-60 A’s THREE TIMES in 1971.

So while Lucas Giolito’s shutouts were awfully impressive at the time, they become even more incredible when you look back at the season and realize that he was the only pitcher to shut out a 100-win team this season.

And he did it twice. 

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White Sox Talk Podcast: Distant Replay: Robin Ventura vs. Nolan Ryan


White Sox Talk Podcast: Distant Replay: Robin Ventura vs. Nolan Ryan

In the latest edition of Distant Replay, we go back to Aug. 4, 1993, when Robin Ventura famously charged the mound against future Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan, reliving the game and digging up stories you've never heard.

Why the fight started years before because of Craig Grebeck (3:50), "You Gotta Be Bleeping Me!" Everything we learned rewatching the broadcast (15:00), Ryan hits Ventura with a pitch and chaos ensues (25:25), Nolan Ryan doesn't get ejected??!!! Gene Lamont goes crazy and gets tossed from the game (33:55), Chuck calls up Gene Lamont. Yes, he calls Gene Lamont (42:20). A future White Sox legend was at the game and met Ventura before the game (51:20). Plus, plenty more.

Listen to the full podcast in the embedded player below:

White Sox Talk Podcast


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