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Ozzie Guillen gets managerial endorsement from former rival

White Sox

Think Ozzie Guillen should get another crack at managing in the big leagues? You’re not alone. Ron Gardenhire, the current manager of the Detroit Tigers, made it clear when speaking on White Sox Pregame Live that he thought baseball would benefit from having Guillen in the game again.

“Some of the veteran managers that should be managing, aren’t, and Ozzie’s definitely one of them,” Gardenhire said. “He should’ve been in the game, just like I’ve been.

“He brought energy to the game.”

As for why Guillen hasn’t gotten an opportunity to steer the ship for an MLB team since 2012, Gardenhire didn’t really know. He did speculate that clubs may want to head in the direction of data-based decisions, instead of making moves based on gut feelings, like Guillen did on the South Side for so many years.

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“I just don’t know where the game’s gone,” Gardenhire said. “There’s a lot of different theories out there. Analytics and all that stuff.

“It’s a shocker (that Guillen still hasn’t had a managerial opportunity). Great baseball guy. Obviously won a World Series and did a lot of really good things here.”

Gardenhire had a front row seat to Guillen’s success in Chicago, as he was the manager of the rival Twins during Guillen’s entire tenure as the White Sox skipper.

From 2004-2011, Guillen led the White Sox to a 678-617 record, two division titles and of course the 2005 World Series title. He also managed the Marlins for one season in 2012, but it was the worst season of his managerial career as the Marlins finished in 5th place with a 69-93 record.


Guillen has said several times on White Sox Pre and Postgame Live that he would welcome the opportunity to manage an MLB club again.