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Bauer releases hilarious video breakdown of Tim Anderson homer

White Sox

Everyone knows Trevor Bauer is one of the best pitchers in MLB, but turns out he’s also a master of self-deprecating humor. Bauer released a video on his YouTube channel on Monday breaking down the home run he surrendered to Tim Anderson last week.

As any true trash talker would, Bauer starts his video by roasting Anderson with a montage of Anderson’s ample swing and misses against Bauer.

“That’s the kind of player Tim is against me,” Bauer said after showing dozens of ugly swings. “Or at least has been against me in the past.”

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Bauer has plenty of reason to talk, as Anderson was hitting .185 against Bauer going into Saturday night’s game, with only one extra-base hit. But as we know, Anderson finally got the better of Bauer, and Bauer had to give credit where credit was due.

“I’ll give Tim his due, I’ll give Tim his due,” Bauer said. “Here you go Tim. TA7, this is your moment. You finally got me… you got me good.”

If you’re wondering how Anderson finally got it done, Bauer breaks it down from his unique perspective.

On the first pitch of the at-bat, Bauer fires a 95 mph fastball on the upper outside corner of the plate. He says Anderson timed it up perfectly, informing him what to throw next.

“I read that, and I say, ‘Ok, I know what to do with that,’” Bauer said. “Next pitch slider, and we get the buy-in that we’re looking for. Get the hip trigger there, get the reach. Wants to go for it and checks his swing.”


Bauer illustrates the impressive tunneling on his high fastball and low slider to show why the pitch is so hard to check up on, and why it produces some ugly swings. But Anderson was able to manage.

The next pitch, Bauer misses his spot by a wide margin, pushing the count to 2-1 and setting up the home run on the very next pitch. But Bauer also says, he executed the exact pitch he wanted and Anderson simply beat him.

“Tim leading off.. I don’t want to go 3-1 on him,” Bauer said. “So, I know the scouting report on him. If I get this upper portion of the zone with my fastball, this is all a big check mark for me. I’m going to win the majority of those.

“I actually hit my spot… and it did not play in my favor this time, but it has in the past. So I hit my spot, and Tim hit his spot, and that was about 420 feet away on the lawn in dead center.

“There you go TA, hope you enjoy our little matchup being revisited. You got me this time, next time you won’t be so lucky.”