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Twitter reacts to Donaldson's ejection

White Sox

Josh Donaldson ejected out of nowhere! Whew boy, where to start.

First, thank you. The White Sox are trying to clinch a playoff berth for the first time in 12 years, and this helps.

Second, let’s explain the actual ejection. With a 2-0 count, the home plate umpire called a pitch that was on the border of the strike zone as a strike.

It was a strike. That's our stance and we're sticking with it.

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Donaldson checked his swing, and protested to the umpire, wanting to know if it was a strike because he went around or if the pitch was in the zone. Presumably the umpire said it was in the zone since there was no checking the swing with first base.

Twins manager Rocco Baldelli came out to talk to the umpire and the at-bat resumed.

Then Donaldson hit a home run off the next pitch, and as he crossed home Donaldson made sure to kick dirt over home plate. He was immediately ejected and went back to kick a bit more dirt on home plate before giving the umpire a thumbs up.

A little unnecessary.

Twitter came through with the jokes though.

There's been some tension in the White Sox-Twins series, both teams are competing for first place in the division, and the White Sox are looking to clinch a playoff berth with a win on Thursday.

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