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Watch: Tim Anderson learns he is a MLB All-Star

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Finally, one of baseball's great injustices has been corrected. Chicago White Sox shortstop and franchise cornerstone Tim Anderson has been named to the 2021 MLB All-Star game.

His first trip to the midseason game.

"The explosion of emotion in the clubhouse, someone should have taped it," manager Tony La Russa said.

And fortunately White Sox cameras were there to capture the moment third base coach Joe McEwing told him.

Anderson's reaction was a bit subdued, his teammates more excited for him. José Abreu was the first to start celebrating with TA.

"Everybody was so excited," McEwing said. "It shows you how good of a teammate he is and how much everyone respects what he does in the clubhouse and the field.

"Not everyone on the outside understands what this kid has gone through to get where he is."

La Russa elected to let McEwing break the news, and at first McEwing was hesitant because he was unsure he'd keep his emotions in check.

"I was honored," McEwing said.

When Anderson was introduced as "All-Star shortstop Tim Anderson" on his pre-game Zoom with media, he admitted "it hit different."

Frank Thomas had pounded the table for Anderson to make the game on White Sox Pregame Live earlier this week.

“I did talk to Frank Thomas about the situation. I appreciate him speaking out for me," Anderson said.


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