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Mike Clevinger's accuser meeting with MLB on Friday

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New Chicago White Sox pitcher Mike Clevinger spent his first day at spring training addressing his teammates and then the media about the allegations against him.

Clevinger was adamant he would be exonerated and even mentioned he thought the investigation was over.

Later in the day, his accuser, Olivia Finestead, joined 670 The Score's Parkins & Spiegel to respond. She detailed a wide ranging number of allegations.

She also noted she was meeting with Major League Baseball on Friday, and that this wasn't the first time.

"Several times. MLB first started contacting me in July," Finestead said.

She noted that she didn't initially cooperate, but messages over custody issues moved her to begin cooperating.

"I received those in August, but I didn't see it until September," Finestead said. "And I actually gave Mike time to explain it before I turned it into MLB.

"And it wasn't only until the second week of September, I believe, that I started cooperating with MLB."

Finestead also noted she feels the MLB investigation team is good

She also noted she doesn't believe the teams can reach out to her. She had not heard from the White Sox, but she also hadn't heard from the San Diego Padres, the team Clevinger played for in 2022.


Clevinger also said he was confident in the MLB's investigation process.

'I trust the process of MLB, I really do and I think there's a reason I'm sitting here in front of you today," Clevinger said. "I'm just asking everyone to wait before they rush to judgment. Wait till the actual facts are out there, wait till there is actual evidence, and then make your decision of who you think I am."

Clevinger declined to go into detail about the investigation or accusations, noting MLB and his lawyers advised him to not speak in-depth on the subject.

White Sox general manager Rick Hahn noted that neither Clevinger or his agent disclosed the allegations and investigations during negotiations of a contract. Hahn noted Clevinger's agent isn't obligated to and he understands why Clevinger didn't.

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