White Sox

Giolito, McCann to receive special gift from Sox for no-hitter

White Sox

Besides the memories to last a lifetime, Lucas Giolito and James McCann will have a few more souvenirs following Giolito’s no-hitter on Tuesday. McCann revealed on White Sox Pregame Live on Wednesday, that following the conclusion of their series against the Pirates, the White Sox will dig up the pitching rubber and home plate to give to Giolito and McCann as keepsakes of their historic game together.

Furthermore, McCann said he’s set his cleats and catching gear aside, and that he’ll never wear them again. That’ll make for a great display somewhere in McCann’s home, but it’s a bit surprising given that most baseball players are extremely superstitious. Most catchers probably wouldn’t wash that gear and would wear it until Giolito gave up another hit.

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As for Giolito, his personal memorabilia collection is growing nicely. In addition to the typical “first” balls (first strikeout, first win, first shutout, etc.), Giolito likely has some trophies from his All-Star game appearance and a seven-inning no-hitter he threw with the Triple-A Charlotte Knights.

The one thing that would really tie everything together: a nice, big ring.