White Sox

Podcast: Jim Abbott's extraordinary baseball career

White Sox

Former White Sox pitcher Jim Abbott has one of the most unique stories in baseball history. Born without a right hand, Jim played and excelled in the major leagues, even throwing a no-hitter.

Abbott joins Chuck Garfien to discuss his life and career, including his no-hitter in Yankee Stadium, his incredible comeback with the White Sox in 1998 and more. This is a story that will inspire you.

(2:50) - Abbott explains why he was "born this way"

(9:21) - How he was able to pitch with one hand

(18:05) - How he reacted to the attention he received and how it impacted him

(20:15) - Throwing a no-hitter at Yankee Stadium

(31:30) - Going 2-18 in 1996 and being out of baseball for a year

(39:50) - His remarkable comeback with the White Sox

(48:40) - Abbott looks back at his career

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