White Sox

Anderson says he won't change or stop flipping bats

White Sox

The only thing Tim Anderson is changing is baseball.

The White Sox are a team with a distinct style of swag and fun, and Anderson is at the forefront.

His bat flips, notably the one against the Kansas City Royals, and make baseball fun attitude have been adopted by the team and even used as their marketing campaign for the 2020 season.

So when Tony La Russa was hired as the new manager, there was an immediate concern he'd clash with the bat-flipping Anderson.

La Russa and Anderson took different sides of the debate surrounding San Diego Padres shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr. hitting a grand slam on a 3-0 pitch in a blowout earlier this year. La Russa didn't approve of the bat flip, while Anderson only took umbrage with Tatis apologizing for it.

In his initial press conference, La Russa clarified his stance on bat flips and some of baseball's unwritten rules surrounding celebrating on the diamond. Basically, as long as they're sincere La Russa doesn't have an issue.

The good news is, Anderson is as authentic as it comes.

"I won't change my style or the way I play for Tony, that won't happen," Anderson told the media after winning his first Silver Slugger award. "I'll continue to be me, I always have and I always will be."


But the concern has popped up on Anderson's radar, and he's looking forward to getting to the bottom of it.

"I’m excited to talk to him," Anderson said. "A lot of people have been saying we're not going to get along, so I'm going to ask him why people think that."

And while Anderson hasn't spoken to La Russa yet, he's been reaching out to people to learn about his new manager and how they'll mesh.

"They say I'm going to love him," Anderson said. "That's why I'm excited to see what kind of person he is and learn his knowledge about the game as well."

But fans' concerns might not be alleviated until the first bat flip of the season is behind them.

"We'll see what happens I guess, if I do a bat flip or if I pimp one," Anderson said. "But no, I will not be changing the way I play or the way I approach the game."


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